Vogue Ukraine

Amanda Wellsh melts into the background by An Le for Vogue Ukraine, November 2016. Enticing our senses to such an extent it smells so sweet we can feel the intent. Strong in body and mind, this color indicates enthusiasm with the mantra for red being… I’ll Try Anything Once. Heat radiates off the page as seductive shades revel in rage. Olga Yanul styles with brilliance by blending rich, exotic tones with dynamic detailing. Scarlet is the star, with black playing a back drop & leopard skin adding an element of surprise. Each picture oozes its own scent (if you will), a distinctive flavor that indicates individuality. Haute fashion shows some high intensity heat with looks that emote excessive flavor. So, whether it’s silk, leather, or lace a transference of power takes control as seductive shades swirl around the room. 

Makeup melts into the skin as Fulvia Farolfi shows us something special. Beauty burns through the scene allowing a florid flavor to take over the face. Her eyes come alive with an element of surprise, as colors collide like applied paint. A swath of red shadow radiates over the upper lid while a bright, green line illuminates the lower. Crystals arise like bejeweled tattoos, with rhinestones that are glued to the inner eye. Light blends into the fiery backdrop, capturing the sumptuous flavor of her heritage. Sensuality’s the thing as her deep skin tones enhance the warmth of the surroundings. Nabil Harlow follows his instinct, leaving the hair damp, he allows the natural elements to shine. Moving through each room her lilthe body adjusts to the atmosphere, playing this part with genuine ease. Beginning and ending the story with a rose covering one eye. Wellsh starts out floating in the tub only to emerge … A Flower in Bloom.

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