Aneta Pajak by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, October 2016

Aneta Pajak is potently prophetic in “Blindage Anti-Âge” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, October ’16. Beauty blurs into infinite as smoke billows up and over the page. Powdered designs give a shadowed reflection, making us believe we are seeing a fantasy of lights. Tiny squares give off a hypnotic effect, luring us into a dream like state. Is she real or is she an illusion? Here we stand at the crossroads of creativity, bravely looking into the face of the future. Isamaya Ffrench depends on only 5 brilliant shots to send a message of strength. Makeup displays a distant effect, while warmth radiates off the page, simultaneously reminding us she’s too real to be a robot. White lines are marked around the eyes, up the cheeks and over her chin. While, her head is wrapped in surgical tape, lines traverse, as patterns dance evenly across her fine skin. Effective imagery transcends the boundaries of cosmetic attraction, allowing facial art to echo a projection of the Ffrench’s fare future.

The art of extreme is caught in a dream as all things go crazy in the quiet corners of the in-between. Bold beauty is the thing… as stages of true transformation play out, evolving before our eyes. Black projects out the sides in winged effigy as red follows below in diagonal mastery. Thick brows are dark yet still very natural, allowing the outcome to be stimulating but not overbearing. Visually intoxicating, a sanguine shade kisses the lips lining the look in a scarlet pink. Pictures are transformed into pieces of mystic revelation ~ as meaning moves through each scene ~ like a butterfly preparing to take flight. Natural selection is artfully reflected in the poetic celebration of our next phase of being.

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