Wonderland Magazine

Gemma Ward lets love flow in “Live Young” by Georges Antoni for Wonderland Magazine, Fall 2016. Gucci’s phenomenal wares put a spotlight on the season, in this exciting look at the future of Fall. Sara Smith mixes the fabrics of seasonal fabrics with a compelling combination of high and low. Gone is the focus on a large price tag, instead we turn our attentions forward. Opposites attract as we see a new form of fusion I refer to as a fashion flush. The perfect piece is no longer one that comes with a halo of haute couture, rather, it floats free to form something unique. Rich patterns and prints give this mix a vibrant tone, while the underlying tenor is that of a soothing sensation. Couture cohabits with casual in a tale of two world colliding. Never before have we seen a floral, brocade skirt and digitally enhanced button shirt, topped with graffiti style graphics. Preppy gloves slide up the arms with argyle socks and retro-red heels, as accessories meet the manic momentum with a cacophony of corset style belts.

Cosmetic innovation ups the application as Gillian Campbell answers the cutting-edge call. What used to be nothing more than a costumed effect has transformed. Mascara is minus as lashes won’t see a wand for many new moon, as brown mimics brows, featuring a thin, dark line drawn overhead. Peach shadow alludes to a semi-naked lid, proving eyes don’t require a distinct distraction. Skin-to-Skin lets us in with powder that gives an ethereal reflection, while, soft lips tell a tawny tale with a glossy hue that gives an enhanced projection. Avant-garde art embraces the future, simultaneously exploring the beauty of youth. Daren Borthwick is a hair whisperer calling on perfect pieces to fall fecklessly around. Gemma redefines the theme, as neo-naked makeup spins radiating from within. “One woman can make you fly like an eagle, another can give you the strength of a lion. But, only one in the cycle of life can fill your heart with wonder and the wisdom that you’ve known a singular joy.”

gemma-ward-for-wonderland-1gemma-ward-for-wonderland gemma-ward-live-young-by-georges-antoni-for-wonderland-38gemma-ward-live-young-by-georges-antoni-for-wonderland-16gemma-ward-live-young-by-georges-antoni-for-wonderland-40gemma-ward-live-young-by-georges-antoni-for-wonderland-44gemma-ward-live-young-by-georges-antoni-for-wonderland-47 gemma-ward-prada-wonderland-2016-cover-photoshoot03gemma-ward-live-young-by-georges-antoni-for-wonderland-37gemma-ward-live-young-by-georges-antoni-for-wonderland-35gemma-ward-live-young-by-georges-antoni-for-wonderland-300jpggemma-ward-live-young-by-georges-antoni-for-wonderland-39gemma-ward-prada-wonderland-2016-cover-photoshoot14gemma-ward-live-young-by-georges-antoni-for-wonderland-5 gemma-ward-live-young-by-georges-antoni-for-wonderland-4gemma-ward-prada-wonderland-2016-cover-photoshoot01