Gigi Hadid by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris, November 2016

Gigi Hadid brings us back to the decadence of high design in “Vacances Romaines” by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris, November 2016. Art and excess come together to form a fusion of high-end design. Emmanuelle Alt puts her signature twist all over this story by being excessive without being intrusive. Extravagance is the thing is this inventive mix of vintage and Au courant. This bold combination could be on a collision course of creativity, but instead, it sits in the high hands of Emmanuelle. Modernity melts into the backdrop as each outfit takes on a vintage flair. Perusing each piece, I’m struck by the cohesive candor. This is a story based on what I call, The Big Blend. The environment plays in such a way, that we can’t tell where one room begins and the other ends. It’s an exotic kind of integration that requires (believe it or not) a somewhat subtle hand in placement. That’s clearly not to say what we are witnessing falls into an understated category. What I’m speaking about is an elusive reality I call ABB, Alt’s Brand of Brilliance. The application of antique excess can feel overwhelming, however, here we see something unique. By condensing rich fabrics with wild wallpaper or a Victorian Settee with a silk cover, the resulting synthesis is nothing less than brilliant. When you combine the luscious elements of vintage upholstery with the grand stature of historical relevance, period pieces mingle well with today’s couture.

Beauty blends with baroque allowing the rich atmosphere to take us away. Playing off Hadid’s strong features, Charlotte Tilbury’s elevates her forward face to heighten the appeal. A hypnotic combination collides, as Tilbury uses a simple swipe of lash color to keep the look fresh. Mascara is mixed with a faded wing line that reaches from under the eye to the tip of the brow. Black/white interrupts the flow with raw pictures that bring edge to the show. Building an intimate gaze, this story sees her skin as a projection of what’s within. Creative makeup provides a new way to view the concept of “Pretty,” taking it from nearly nude to fully done. Aglow with a kind of raw energy, each look is inspired by the details of her surroundings. Gigi’s glow ignites under the lights, with illuminating powder that falls over her face and down the body. Cohesion takes control, letting bright red revive the night and silky gloss rev-up the lips. Crimson accentuates the fullness of the mouth, while the perfect application makes for a showstopping scene. CHRISTIAAN captures the mixed era feel, with haute headwear to include; high-top fedoras and a variety of eclectic Berets. Exotic furs and fun fabrics mix with baroque backgrounds giving each outfit a moment to shine.

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