Dazed Digital

Gigi Hadid shows us what it takes to be a four letter wonder in “Gigi” by Rankin for Dazed Digital, 25th Anniversary Issue, F/W 2016. She might look like an innocent flower, but, behind those bright eyes we see the mischievous markings of a good girl gone bad. Hadid does some serious damage by taking over the (old) Dazed office, smashing computers and going graffiti-chic. Katie Grand’s fashion choices capture a magical vibe, with frocks that mimic a modern fairytale. Red and white turn up the light as she rolls around in a big, fluffy bed. Up close and personal this girl goes mano a mano with a copy-top machine. The camera zooms in for some face time fun, as her mouth kisses the glass with intoxicating results. Makeup moves beyond pretty, allowing Lisa Eldridge to construct cosmetics that captivate. Gigi’s exciting, blue eyes invite us inside with a stare that dares to redefine drama. While, clean goes extreme with a dark, winged line drawn with serious precision. Blown-out beauty presents an angelic effect as ethereal excess projects pure poetry. Red lips rev things up, leaving a bold tone that delivers a defining twist. Polka-dot gloves primp with playful innocence, while curls insert an element of crazy. Luke Hersheson creates waves so amazing one would assume they’re natural. Is there anything more delicious than a sweet girl that gives us just a hint of hidden mystery?

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