Isamaya Ffrench Journies to the “Iceland Wild” with Josh Wilks for Dazed Digital.

Isamaya Ffrench embarks on journey of discovery as she travels to the Icelandic Frontier for Dazed. Captured by Josh Wilks, each image bares a reflection of human kind. Described as a ‘Semi-Feral’ Icelandic creature, this creative character is a vision of Isamaya, herself. What is so brave about this talented woman, is her ability to move beyond the limits of title description. It’s clear, she doesn’t see herself as just a makeup artist, or view herself through the limited lens that society provides. Rather, she allows her story to remain open. Savage in appearance yet noble in spirit, she is portrayed as a heroic, young fighter ~ born to be free. A true child of the land. Josh spoke about his most memorable moment when, “Isamaya bounded through herds of open-mouthed tourists doing karate kicks in full body paint.” Feeding on her surroundings, she runs wild through the rustic landscape. An authentic interpretation of the Icelandic countryside, this story reflects on the synergism of the surroundings. “A mythical person with primitive human traits,” we watch her explore the rugged terrain, as she sets sails on a journey of self discovery. Beyond the beauty of the flesh, Isamaya goes back to an era of body markings. Hands reach out and touch every inch of skin, with a painted, palm print coming up over the lips. An image that reflects the years of silent suffering. We watch as she bends back to meet the eyes of her maker, opening her body to the powers of the universe. The rain comes calling. She falls to her knees with her hands held-up high as her head falls back and the sky starts to cry.

Feeling the fire of tribal warriors that came before her. This fearsome female bounds over the land with a spear in her hand. Red radiates over her face, down her torso and over the full length of her arms. So realistic, it looks as if she is wearing clothing. Free from earthy constraints this unchained beauty is able to fly. This is truly an emotion that can’t be contrived. Together we drink from the same well, where hope springs eternal and love is abundant. A place where it matters, not what you can give, but what you are willing to let go of. In each image she is strapped to that which consumes all of human kind. The bags on her back aren’t merely accessories, but an extension of who we are as a people. Part nomad part Mowgli, her extreme makeup bares the markings of a wild child. Wearing pig-ears bandaged to her head, this flame-haired character embodies the spirit of the nomadic beauty. There is a defiant line we are passing by engaging in this editorial. By crossing this invisible boundary we make a pact of deeper understanding. She’ll bare the burden of this journey, but she can’t carry the weight alone. We must be willing to do our part. To consider what we have to offer this world that we inhabit. What are we willing to give up? What are we able to learn? What can we do to affect change? These relevant questions burn inside as we commit to care. In the interest of art and all that it serves, we stand at the forefront of hope, knowing we have found a true leader. Someone willing to forgo their selfish pursuits, in favor, of the greater good. And, to this I say – Thank You – from the deepest part of myself.

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