Lina Hoss in “Surreal Metamorphosis” by Elizaveta Porodina for

Lina Hoss exhibits a seductive state of strange in “Surreal Metamorphosis” by Elizaveta Porodina for The scope of strange can only be outweighed by beautifully bizarre behavior. Her looks portray a perfect specimen, proving pretty can’t be predicted. Powerful pieces defy the senses with designs that reveal an underlying theme. Avant-garde excess is met through progress, as the fight for modernity marches on. Julia Freitag unleashes the couture beast by Benu Berlin, Lala BerlinBobby KoladeDawid TomaszewskiMALAIKARAISSHoermanseder, Perret SchaadSteinrohner & Nobi Talai. High fashion has arrived with ferocity that delivers a female twist. Through the work of Porodina we see elements of fantasy escape trifle frivolity. Breaking free from our monotonous sleep, we set forth to escape the futility of vanity. Out of the arms of quiet imagery we brave the lens of brutal truth.

Forward features form a new perspective as Luise Zuecker creates sculpted headgear. Bands bend in poetic reflection, with metallic accessories unlike we’ve seen. Silver is cast with sheer force as fork like shapes strike under the eyes, while, stacks wrap around the lower lip letting music of mouth rings sing. Opening our eyes to a new way to see, Stella von Senger celebrates the art of extreme. Beauty stands beneath exposing the underbelly of the avant-garde beast. Cosmetic reflection doesn’t stop there, with conceptual change shown in every scene. Having fun with faux, Lina’s lashes are off-set slightly, sitting just below the natural line. Deycke Heidorn uses the impact of visual content to explore the sartorial avenue of creative coiffure. Witness to creative revolution, this takes our minds on a righteous revelation. Hard and soft plays off each other as sculptural silhouettes steal the show.

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