ODDA Magazine

Madison Stubbington poses in poetic reflection in “APSE” by Aaron Michael for ODDA Magazine, F/W 16-17. “Spaces” was taken at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, New York, for the Art and Architecture Issue. Machines meld with movements of the mind as pictures portray a stunning effect. The softness of humanity forges forth as the motion of abstract metal is met. Merging toward a new tomorrow, art is examined as fashion is felt. Stylist, Kyle Luu, brings the backdrop into focus by fusing the fire of Fendi and Power of Prada, with the gregarious nature of Gucci. Art Director; Alva Galim, shows us the way, through the looking glass of wonder we see this site as a stateside gem. Stunning surroundings elicit a strong response, while still giving a visually compelling result. Boots beguile wearing a combination of white, thigh-highs and black platforms, as dresses are divine showing a wide array of design themes.

Alabastair skin shines as Deanna Melluso casts her milky complexion against a rising steel backdrop. Beauty sets in stone the nuance of change, while porcelain skin celebrates the commanding nature of now. Naked brows and lids take a backseat as her bright, blue eyes take over. Powder punctuates the shape of the face, allowing us to see it in all it’s fair wonder. Deep amber lays lusciously over the lips, giving the mouth a powerful pout. Sabrina Szinay revels in red with deep, rich tones that radiate over the dew. Curls catch the wind as they cascade down the back, proving that sometimes, The Hair’s the Thing. Succumbing to the sentient wonder of the world, this story vibrates with live colors that swirl. You Glow Girl… Madison mimics the magic of the moment with music that plays the agent of change.