Nina Dapper in “Fantabulous” by Armin Morbach for Tush Magazine, F/W 2016

Nina Dapper goes face first in “Fantabulous” by Armin Morbach for Tush Magazine, F/W 2016. This conceptual piece combines the construct of cosmetics with the art of application. Bold designs evoke a sense of inspiration while the tenets of transition unfold. Skin is canvassed as a function of the craft, blending forth a fusion of high fashion. Nina Petters marries the heat of haute couture with the art of avant-garde styling, mimicking history while mastering forward motion. This “Fantabulous” story lives up to its name as Marc Jacobs alludes to a move I call, The Frock Hop. While, Antonio Marras forms a plaid, fan-like structure sharing his Influence of French Culture in Thirties China. Accouterments play a part with a Denim face-mask covering every inch of the skin. Faux features are created in jest, with a sewn in nose and lips to match, leaving a hole that exposes an evocative eye. A huge bow is tied right at the neck with an opening made on top of the head. Excess is mark by extremity making the look unbelievably appealing. Denim brows define the story with frayed edges that bring the jean detailing forward. Azure encircles the lids, with tones of blue moving out from the center. The Hair’s the Thing… as Loni Baur creates eyes that cry teal colored tears, while, black strands melt straight from her head. Pearls hang helplessly down her chest, unable to escape her silent weeping. As a scant hint of paint remains on her face, like a mannequin freed from animation. Stelli Uschi Rabe creates a cacophony of dews, only to leave Dapper with a figure eight overhead. Coming in twisted she lies on her side, with clear strips stuck over her skin. Through plastic pieces the message is made clear. To be truly ~ Fantabulous ~ you must be willing to go out on a limb. Leaving us with a kiss. Loni’s lips they drip with a shiny red flavor, highlighted in kind by a bright neon blue.

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