Raquel Zimmermann by Inez & Vinoodh for Self Service Magazine, F/W 2016

Raquel ZimmermannEva Dolezalova aim to empower “The New Femininity” by Inez & Vinoodh for Self Service Magazine, F/W 2016. Today’s women are on the cutting edge of a revolution. A dynamic place where all things are equal. We are heading into an era where, potentially, The First Female will hold the most powerful position in the world. We must take a moment and reflect on this truth. It’s not only a time of deep, felt admiration – it’s a time to honor the great female fighters that came before us. The Suffragists, “were a non-militant wing of the movement, and it was their activism that forced the hand of the government.” A victory that ensured our right to vote… To be heard… To be honored. A right that allowed us to stand on equal footing with our male counterparts, and say, we will be judged on our ability to participate in the process. That we refuse to be second class citizens any longer. And to that historic moment, I put my hand over my heart in deep felt gratitude for those brave women that came before me. They not only broke down the walls that stood before them, they paved the way for their strong sisters to unite behind them. In a era that seems so consumed with superficiality, we can come out and demand to be heard. It is clear, while this election provides an endless number of inane distractions, we have to be willing to elevate ourselves – THIS IS OUR MOMENT TO SHINE.

Alastair McKimm explores the forward notion of elevated fashion, as avant-garde excess is decadently displayed. The fluid nature of humanity fights to find balance, as Raquel & Eva give themselves over to the power of the process. Clothes don’t merely cover the body, rather, they shelter our skin. In this dramatic depiction we see designs that speak to our right to fight. Dark pieces project a united sense, while ripped garments remind us of our will to survive. Parading each face as a source of splendor, Yadim displays the sultry disposition of the skin. Overbearing brows lay the foundation, while shadow covers the lid with a deep, golden hue. Lashes are left naked, backing up the idea that heavy mascara is truly a thing of the past. Eye-art spreads its wings, flying high to another dimension. Bright, red lips make a powerful statement, while Eva marks her territory, bringing her tongue up to lick the mirrored surface. Ward Stegerhoek’s hair steals from the hands of haute coiffure allowing modernity to take over… I can hear the words of Hillary echoing in my mind, “When They Go Low We Go High.” We don’t need someone so scrubbed clean they don’t even have a history. We don’t need a Stepford Candidate. Wouldn’t men love that. We have a female that bears all the battle scars of our fight, and to that I say – Hooray!!! So today I urge all of my sisters to step out of the fray and into a new day.

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