Yuka Mannami in “Modern Love” by Mario Sorrenti for i-D Magazine Japan, Fall 2016

Yuka Mannami delivers a delicious treat in “Modern Love” by Mario Sorrenti for i-D Japan, Fall 2016. Halloween comes but once a year designed to defy your fears. Even dreams can make you scream… as art and fashion blend in this daring take on the season of scary. Sorrenti brings the night into place as darkness deigns to take shape. Alastair McKimm celebrates costumed creations with fashions that are simple yet intoxicating. Beauty bursts into flames as all things normal take a turn for the extreme. Black/White devours the senses, while ingenuity invites the conceptual world to burn. Pretty becomes possessed as Diane Kendal awakens the spirit of modern makeup. Eyes ignite our very soul following this season’s most compelling new trend. A liquid line runs the length of the upper lid, then flips up/out, creating a wing of pure precision. Skin is left naked with bleached out brows and a powdered palate, while no mascara serves up a tasting of true temptation. What started out as standard expands, letting avant-garde excess spread. Then change occurs, whereby something shifts. Once bitten twice shy… with her front fangs exposed we are witness to the Vampiric intention. A mutant melt takes place like molten lava crying down her face. Black shellac forms tears on her cheeks, appearing as if they were coming from within. Mysterious moments transform this shy girl into a wild child, while distinct shapes make the ocular area a shear scene-stealer. Ward Stegerhoek revives the blunt bang from back in the day, with a severe cut that sits high on the forehead and long locks that delight in no defined direction. Yuka makes the transition complete ~ with eyes so dynamic she seems to be possessed.

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