Alisa Ahmann in “The Cold Wave” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Italia, November 2016

Alisa Ahmann adapts to change as she braves “The Cold Wave” shot by Txema Yeste for Vogue Italia, November 2016. The camera reflects the art of life, merging the cinema of story with the welcoming of Winter. Feeling the freeze, these poetic pictures capture what many of us are sensing right now. In this politically charged climate some are left feeling out in the cold. Txema shows us that this is (precisely) when we become sure what we’re made of. Each picture reflects the past while it predicts the future. A daring portrayal of life’s endless possibilities. Before we can bath in the sunshine of our life, we much first endure the pain. Patrick Mackie celebrates the weather shift with coats that take us from leather and furs to Gore-Tex and wool. High Fashion fights The Cold Wave with a variety of wonderful Winter gear. When styles turns to shelter it’s less about the looks and more about what they’re made of. A lesson that mirrors life. When all seems lost much can be told. A misty picture of tears seeming to take over and fall all around. Baring Winter’s Beauty We Deign to Brave the Change.

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor hail will keep Fulvia Farolfi from telling this fare makeup tale. Modern makeup mystifies the senses, as the face of tomorrow takes on a new shape today. Cosmetic artistry has completely transformed, from semi-nude shades to arresting techniques. Silver lights up the lids and then sweeps beneath for dramatic effect. As her eyes come alive with a hypnotic stare, a darkened hood slides overhead, giving the illusion of a makeup masque. Freezing temperatures show on the skin as a flush of pink rushes over the cheeks. The mouth is made with shiny, silver shades highlighted by a multi-tonal center, while lips are left to look frozen solid. Snow fall covers the lashes leaving them filled with fluffy flakes, while bleached-out brows and pearly-white shadow provides a cool backdrop. Franco Gobbi captures this Winter Wonderland with hair-cycles caught like frozen rain. Facing the great outdoors, we watch this gorgeous girl get caught in the powdered highlands. Alisa lays in a bed made of snow as sleeping beauty doth awaken. Txema delivers a dizzying mix of art and nature with pictures the project the epitome of Winter.

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