Gigi Hadid in “Gigi Bares it All” by Patrick Demarchelier for Allure Magazine, 12/16

Gigi Hadid redefines what it means to ride bareback in “Gigi Bares it All” by Patrick Demarchelier for Allure Magazine, December ’16. Beth Fenton uses fashion as a frame, surrounding Gigi in a series of see-thru styles. Subtle features expand, lending themselves to the build up of the eyes. While beauty inspires nature, leaving Sally Branka to swoop in with deep blue shadow. Lashes are left naked, as a cerulean shade covers the lids and then finishes below with a soft, yielding echo. Golden skin lets us in with bronze kissing every inch of the face, while luscious lips transform the look going from nude to nuanced. Ringlets fall down her beautiful, bare back wearing an unzipped pink, lace Gucci gown. Rudi Lewis shows that there is nothing that stands between the wild waves of Hadid’s hair and the majestic mane of the horse.

So while the stallion steed may find its way under the shining lights, it’s the ~ Mounted Mare ~ that will take us there to a place of Civil Rights. Her back is bent in beauty her neck is strong in strife, for riding forth this punctuates the plot lines of a life. A symbolic gesture of our fight to be free. This is a story of survival. The majesty of this animal captures a picture of pure power. The kind of power that can’t be just displayed but told in words of worth, for where this pony takes us is a place of garnered truth. So here I seek to share with you the wisdom of my ride, for it is in the smallest details that our words will find their stride. Filly Reminds Me… My Mane Is Her Mane and My Stride Is Her Stride.   prose~tjo