“Healing. Restore Body, Mind & Soul” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, November 2016

Sophia Linnewedel, Marina Nery, Anett Oun & Nika Fejes in “Healing. Restore Body, Mind & Soul” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, November 2016. Beauty beckons as art awakes in this exquisite land where transformation takes place. Nestled in the Andean jungle at the Amazon edge – Amaru Spirit – embraces the rich culture of the Peruvian peoples. Makeup wakes us to the sound of modern music as Val Garland plays the conductor of cosmetics. Sublime skin intoxicates us with the redolent odor of imagined aroma, fragrant yet totally free. Nika stands in a face full of flowers as petals fall in poetic harmony, while she delivers a come hither stare backed by a look of deep longing. Utterly Compelling, these pictures combine the overt ideal of a woman’s innocence, with the unknown fire the lives under the surface. Anett’s eyes say it all with a powerful example of how today’s shadows don’t require any backup. Drama is defined with a dark line that rides just above her natural brow, as a rich, golden hue covers the entire lid area then sweeps below for an echo of color. Marina’s angel-eyes draw us inside while Sophia’s intense stare both attracts and repels. Fusion spreads, as shades of burnt umber frame soft amber shadow mixing with chestnut lips. Angelo Seminara keeps the purity of hair by celebrating the consistency of color. If the aim is to restore mental and physical balance ~ we must continue with an open mind. The sounds of synthesis merge together in this blurry blend of art and nature.

Kate Shillingford fuses style with a strong message, by bringing forth the mystical elements of modern fashion. A plastic scarf like garbage bag is tied at the chin while Saran is wrapped around the head to a grand, trash style bow tied at the neck. While the more feminine side arrives (haha), with a chiffon, blusher-veil worn in fly-away fashion, with the words – I Fucking Hate You – written gracefully across the front. Excuse the obscenity, but sometime a message is best received when the original concept is kept. Cursing for cursing’s sake can be vulgar. Foul language doesn’t bother me, unless it is leading nowhere, I consider that the ultimate betrayal. However, when we seek to explore something great we must be willing to forgo our language limits. When words are used for not, and left in the hands of foul-mouthed traitors, that’s when I’m ready to fight. Progressing down the pathway of profanity will get you nowhere, but, to search through the valley of the truth can transform you into a creative hunter. So to that end I’ll continue, happy to walk through the muck of malediction as long as I can get to the land of lucidity. Seeking to find life’s hidden possibilities, Sundsbø takes us to a place of forbidden pleasures. Shadows Dance in silhouette letting flowers surround the skin.