Iselin Steiro in “Couture Italiano” by Sean and Seng for Pop Magazine, F/W 2016

Iselin Steiro drips in decadence as she aims to display in “Couture Italiano” by Sean and Seng for Pop Magazine, F/W 2016. Driven by its filmic edge, this story unfolds like pictures that move. Done with a masterful hand(s), belief is suspended as the mind trip is made. The most compelling element of this quirky tale, is our inability to guess the time it represents. Tom Guinness suspends disbelief as styles submerge us in a state of high stakes couture. We get the sense that there is something a little wicked hiding just beneath the surface. Everything isn’t always as it appears, as this story settles into the retro vibe, with decadent designs that scream of another time. The most compelling element of this quirky tale is our inability to guess the exact time it represents. It could be a hyper modern tale told to mimic hints of the past, or a vintage inspired diddy that dares to rediscover a more glorious time in history. Looking like it was captured off the shores of Capri, “Couture Italiano,” couldn’t be named any better. A visual inspiration that takes us to extremes. Fashion ventures from nuanced nudes to chaotic couture, in this vivid mix of art and excess.

Boldly going where no makeup artist has gone before, Mathias Van Hooff gives us a new view of the future face. Meandering through the colors of the mind, what we see is a new way to be. Brows have been bleach-out giving the illusion they are gone, while lashes follow suit, leaving nothing but dust in their wake. Art awakens to this shift in shade, as opposing colors force the change. Opposites attract as lids look obviously different yet strangely coherent. Blue canvases one eye as applied in solid kind, while the other follows suit with a paralyzing purple. Two choices one process ~ this combination is so compelling you can’t look away. Questioning the very basics of makeup proper, this truly takes us in a new direction. Who says anything that comes in pairs has to be similarly decorated? It’s a long-held belief that if the right side does one thing the left must follow suit. And here we see, that may be a distant memory. An allegiance to surface ingredients plays with the process, by applying two different base shades we have a compelling blend that stays in the same family. This is a concept I’m calling, the cosmetic coherent. It allows shadows to stay unified while experimenting with the shift differential.

Blending begone, as this editorial event seems to take common cosmetic practices and let them veer off into another realm. Bringing us back to the days of – Blusher. High blush hits hard bleeding like a bruise that’s healing, as purple transforms into pink, fanning out the eyes sides. This is not a subtle undertaking. Blending is the enemy, as each feature stands with bold intentions not allowing them to fuse. Powder dusts the skin giving the face a dramatic flair, while the mouth makes a statement by breaking from tradition and going (vintage) orange. Eyes and lips contrast with delight inspiring us to ponder the possibility that a child applied the makeup. However, taking a step back you’re inclined to define this as Pure Genius. Lips lock and colors contrast as we see the future at it’s finest. Beauty evolves before our eyes allowing us to imagine where things should go. Mari Ohashi keeps our heads spinning by engaging in a form of decade jumping. Hairstyles indicate an era shift with variations that point to a sign of the ever changing times. Flowing locks reveal a carefree attitude while up-dos reflect a more postured demeanor. Styles share secrets from pillbox hats to elbow high nylon gloves.

Polaroid pictures lay over her body covering her privates like a peekaboo hoo. Full of herself, literally. Lounging upright in a grand, high-back chair, she sits like she’s on top of the world. Wearing a daring array of nude inspired attire, that can only be described as Polaroid couture. Naked, albeit covered… The curtain is up as Steiro begins to beguile with a body that just won’t quit. Taking us off the beaten path, what she offers is a full view of the front row show. An onslaught of Polaroid images lay over her upper body, not placed randomly, rather composed in such a way as to mimic cloth covering skin. The art of independence doesn’t instill the lone-wolf concept, rather, it barters for cohesive clarity. For each and every passing day that comes our way, there’s a chance for artistic articulation. As we continually stretch our minds to ponder our place in the world, we can (and should) expect the unexpected. Iselin maintains a kind of secret affair with the camera. like she’s signalling to her lover. Art and environment merge as each image plays a huge part. I’m going to walk on the thin line of creative speculation here and throw out a possibility. What if… this entire editorial is merely a projection of her mind??? Altered in such a way as to guarantee that we can never truly know the answer. Chaos reigns supreme while opposing colors scream to be seen. A shift in shade is all you’ll see as here what we have is a dueling mystery. Eyes erupt in a tale of two tones, as each one rides their path alone.  poetic prose – tanyajo

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