Jena Goldsack in “Funny Face” by Liz Collins for Mixte Magazine, November 2016

Jena Goldsack brings the big-top to town in “Funny Face” by Liz Collins for Mixte Magazine No.17, November 2016. Step right up and you will see a show you’ve never known, from here to fore and way beyond is a tale that’s told in a storied song. A kiss will hit upon the lips as love will spin you around, beset by beauty art doth adore vigor is found in love’s long-lost lore. Visual effects allow the bond of truth to be told through the act of artistic reckoning. Communication starts with the face as creativity comes to a powerful place. Hope is transformed into a tableau of truth as Polly Osmond begins by highlighting unique features. Beauty basks in what’s real, with color that doesn’t just cover it works to compel. Diorshow isn’t merely makeup designed to deliver ~ Clown Couture ~ it’s actually avant-garde cosmetics captured in new and compelling ways. Asking that we set aside our perfectionist attitude, this celebrates a more open state of mind. Rediscovering our love of the circus, these skin shots are seen as a spectacle of sensation. Childhood memories invite us to pass the visual bond… remember a day that will take us away to a land where hope doth run and play. The beauty of truth is seen in the art of emotion, as each image is filled with passion while each page evokes a sense of strength.

Moon, blue beguiles with stained fingertips used to spread shadow all around Jena’s eyes. Naked lashes grab our attention with vertical lines running through the black brows. Lips continue in chaotic form with a glossy, orange pigment drawn in imperfect precision. Art revels in fun with facial distraction that’s perfectly undone. An ode to the Circus Concept, Osmond covers her entire face with white paint, paying tribute to time gone by. A thin, black line strikes over the natural brows and then follows suit just below the lower lid. Sweetness can be seen in the deeply pigmented circles, sharply drawn on the center of the cheeks. Yellow creates a sphere around the eyes, while turquoise-blue lines the lips in mimicked form. Lok Lau leaves her natural hair flowing free, giving the story a compelling contrast, as Franck Benhamou enhances each image with fashion that’s mostly absent. Dramatic lines are cast in childlike form with poetic curves placed over the face.

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