Kasia Struss by Hunter & Gatti for The Fashionable Lampoon Issue #6

Kasia Struss becomes part of abstract art in “peculiar children” by Hunter & Gatti for, The Fashionable Lampoon, Snob & Pop Vol.6. Art reflects on the insanity of these politically trying times. H&G hits it out of the park with this compelling take on our world gone mad. While this was completed before (Trump) tore us apart, I think it captures my sentiment with stunning aplomb. Standing at the center of silence we can see Struss fighting to maintain a sense of semblance. Dressed in decadence, Sofia Odero uses dynamic designs that speak to the symbolism displayed. Playful with an edge, Kasia comes in clean with crisp lines, while the tone of her attitude is tough. Wearing a tight, black turtle-neck mixed with a long, a-line skirt you may think you’re in for something sweet. However, as her skirt slit opens we see black ankle boots that bare out something different. Each picture possesses ingredients for simplicity, but this girl aches for the unique.

True art revels in instinct mixing the uptight with the extreme. Each image is made to look crazy, but in fact, we are witness to a kind of chaotic control. Bold paint strokes strike out, giving the picture depth & dimension. While tonal harmony transforms with a touch of mascara on the upper lashes. Unbridled beauty takes command, as Ingeborg uses chaos of color to expose the symmetry of her face. A wash of pigment passes over the skin as multi-dimensional swaths highlight different areas. The eyes seem simple but come across dramatic, with a semi-wing done in a subtle swath of grey. Her skin evokes a sense of naked while the lips are taken just above the natural tone. Aching to make it feel more like an invitation to explore than artistic addition. This editorial offers a compelling take on conceptual depth. While swaths of shades steal the spotlight and passion for pigments plays the game right. In a state of sheer delirium blue, purple & red slam into a chain link fence, while a tint-dyed stain reigns over each page. Yellow strikes right down the center as Kasia stands in rebellious form smoking a cigarette.

Coming from a bun that’s purposely done this blue dew is destined to shake things up. Yuhi Kim caps this color off right by bringing in asymmetrical bangs that are meant to be seen. A glossy emulsion tags over the top leaving a layered, airbrushed feel unlike we’ve seen. Capturing the tone of the times this story celebrates the art of the unknown…

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