#thenowsquad by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia, November 2016

The Selfie Cult takes a stand in “#thenowsquad” by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia, November 2016. Gorgeous gathers as the selfie nation speaks. A compelling look at the progression of modern art. These girls revel at the sight of themselves in this quirky piece of pop-art culture. Are they real or are they robots? At first glance we witness a group of vivacious go-getters, young women who appear to be independent thinkers, yet upon closer examination we see the clique crew take over. Stickers are marked over every inch of their bodies, as they move in kind to a retro inspired rhythm nation. They stand in sequence holding their phones to the sky, with pouffed up dews and wild pompadours. Viewing vibrancy at it’s best, we see originality orchestrated while the cohesive bond fuses with force. The Psychedelic 60’s are here with great looks that celebrate the era of self obsession. Gorgeous goes graphic as Patti Wilson plays with the concept of camera ready. Synchronicity shows itself off, as this bold group of high fashion hauties fall into line. Distinct dresses take on a twist with crazy cutouts and cool splashes of color. Decadent designs hide in the spotlight as long, lean limbs are seen in the lines of expression. Oddly independent yet surreptitiously synced up, this story shows there’s still a level of “Group Think” at work. Aamito Lagum, Amilna Estevao, Ysaunny Brito and Herieth Paul are all part of this social experiment, proving that a pretty picture may not be worth the price you have to pay.

Diane Kendal matches each face with makeup that mimics a similar theme. Their skin is left largely naked except for stickers that touch every tip of the body. Blue Lips are the thing… as aqua screams to be seen with a fluorescent flash that makes every other mouth light up. Keeping the illusion alive, this story uses lines of the lips as a focal point. Shon celebrates the spectacle of life with defiant dews that scream out with sensational shades. Primary colors pop off the page, honoring the art of the Afro. Coiffure never looks so cool with a crazy array of wild wigs. Smooth as silk their skin lights up the sky but what fair truth lay in front of the naked eye? Vibrancy validates a sense of strength, while the manner of expression leaves us questioning. So intoxicating are these images we find ourselves lost. Klein captures the contemporaneous nature of today’s youth. Independence isn’t something that just happens. To experience that “right of passage” one must willing to venture off the beaten track.

Serving the Will of the Self… 

under the rush

of a blue lilac crush

I sit and I scream

in a tangerine dream 

my skin turns to stardust

my eyes shine like stars

as all that we wish

is all that we are

 poetic prose – tanyajo

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