Bella Hadid is ‘Outspoken’ by Nicolas Moore for Paper Magazine, Winter 2016

Bella Hadid revels in the artistry of the unknown in ‘Outspoken‘ by Nicolas Moore for Paper Magazine, Winter ’16. Hadid has settled in the spotlight, where the blinding fury of fast fame has turned her hair to white. Known for her quiet intensity, one wonders if that’s all there is? Simmering under the surface we get the impression there’s much to be found. Depth can be portrayed in many ways. Here we see a version where loud is proud. A misunderstood term that is often associated with being (extremely) vocal. To be Outspoken, is to have that spark that will ignite at any given time. Farren Fucci captures her expressive side with shots that embrace the more strident side of style. Pieces project a feeling of freedom as passion takes fashion to the edge. Artistic alternations catapult us into another dimension, with dynamic designs that enter another arena. Straightforward and sexy with a Vampiric edge. Each ensemble elicits a response, giving the exact reaction the wearer intends. Playing off her personality, one gets the sense this girl who knows her own mind.

Makeup beguiles the senses bringing us the Beauty of Bella… Bejeweled. Her face is transformed into a billboard of sorts, allowing us to witness the art of Kabuki. Colors are cast upon her skin, leaving the pigment to take on an otherworldly glow. This season’s end-trend continues, with no mascara giving this look a hyper modern edge. A misty grey tone envelopes the eye lid, sweeping across with a subtle wing. While, neon takes over the tear ducts, marking that spot with clear intention. Black/Green make things extreme with a coupling up of color that causes a commotion. Vibrant violet leaves a supreme mark that starts up the sides of the cheeks, while baby blue surprises us with a visit. Showing us, that even the most innocent tone can be cast among this crazed confluence of color. Makeup mystifies the senses as severe strikes of blusher highlight Bella’s brilliant bones. Make way for the Lip Finale… as a piece of live art is seen, swirls of intensity are drawn in various shades of brilliant lipstick. Gemstones highlight the curves of the mouth, while multi-colored crystals adhered to the skin in the same order.

Edward Lampley celebrates the season of change by giving her hair a defiant redo. Bleached beyond recognition, this is an example of an overt gesture made with a statement of change. Critical eyes put judgement aside as this is the time to savor our similarities. Truth is found in Hope. Nicolas shoots this segment by welcoming a forthright level of freedom to fall. She openly embraces this concept, leaving some to believe her Outspoken qualities have gone to her head. However, upon closer examination, I wonder if what we’re witnessing is simply a typical post teenager trying to walk this land-field of fame. Pushing us to move beyond the limits of looks ~ the candid nature of Bella brings this story home.

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