Coco Rocha by Silja Magg for Glamour Iceland, December/January 2016-2017

Coco Rocha travels through the baron but beautiful Icelandic coast by Silja Magg for Glamour Iceland. She commits to every movement like pieces of poetic intention. We feel the fluid motion of her being experienced through her bodily connection. Coco creates the first ever coherent collusion. By giving herself over to the process, her soul succumbs to the innovative spirit of Iceland. Long limbs stretch out as she showcases the sinuous steps of her graceful lines ~ lithe and supple ~ we bare witness the limber specs of her balletic form. Alive with a unique kind of kinetic force, she sways to music only she can hear. Pulling us in with her intensity, she thrives on the output of energy. Each image projects a sense of stimulation, artfully reflected in the fury of her stare. Navigating through the page her body exerts both pleasure and pain. Nowhere can we find this level of passion. Her ability to be brave. To open herself up to all of life’s possibilities ~ that’s where you’ll find the connection to Coco.

Ina Lekiewicz celebrates the many shades of style, with fashions that sit on the somber side, while conversely playing with prints. This story is a reflection of what’s real. No one holds just one opinion, rather, we live with many colors. Standing strong she dresses in defiance, with conceptual construct that takes on an artful appeal. Macho accouterments define the male flavor, with apparel that exudes a masculine edge. Tíska is a term for Icelandic fashion that is a statement of reflection, rather than a flavor of the moment. Lines revive energy with bold images that drive us into another dimension. Black patent slams us straight into strange, standing under the glow of a neon show. Youthful exuberance explodes as we find ourselves witness to the many Colors of Coco.

Coco finds fluid movement as she transforms into her Icelandic self. A Nordic beauty she’s become with whitened hair like the morning sun. Abundant in natural beauty, Toni Malt makes way for brilliant bone structure. Wading amongst the baron beach where land is wild and hope is free. Crisp, cool aire flows through the sky letting each minute pass with pride. An evocative story told in a visual tale. She uses the lines of her body to express the vibrancy of her thoughts. Form is expressed in the sway of her hips and arms, as we begin to get a picture of this fabled fantasy she’s painting with her body. Her eyes are the thing. Rocha’s defining stare has always been an attraction, but, here we see a contrast that exists between white hair & azure eyes. Ina embraces the ice of her eyes with the boldness of the brows, allowing blue to deliver a hypnotic hue. Cinnamon shadow sends us into space as no lashes continue the forward motion of makeup.

Beauty bends to our will, allowing us to experiment and explore. This isn’t just modeling at it’s finest, this is venturing into the world of silent acting. Drama defines the mood through the use of space with features that get in the synonymous flow. Pablo Kuemin brings forth the beauty of Iceland through the bleached look of her dew. Her hair heralds in a new era of exploration, empowered by the picture of platinum. A linear shape frames the face, giving the illusion of a semi-bob. The art of instinct invites us inside as the symmetry of sanity drives us to thrive. Stealing verbiage from the incomparable Sting ~ Every Move She Makes Every Breath She Takes

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