Grace Elizabeth by Camilla Akrans for Vogue Germany, January 2017

Grace Elizabeth floats free in “H20” by Camilla Akrans for Vogue Germany, January 2017. Drowning in her daydreams she floats upon the lake, as water wades around her in this transient sort of state. Akrans takes us on a ride through our mind’s eye, traveling inside our imagination until our thoughts are set free. “Because rain diminishes sunlight, it creates human emotions that can bring darkness and depression.” However, here we take a new view. Rain is not merely drops of dew made to ruin our day, rather, it’s a telling of truth. A rebirth as it were. Designed to capture the cleansing of the soul, the ground awakens as power passes through each droplet.

Nicola Knels captures every furtive feeling, using fashion as a template for emotions. The art of style is felt in the connection we have to the fabric. Our obsession with high-end creations has only come later. Imagine a link that exists between your emotive health and your attraction to the physical. A private attachment that’s made over time. Traveling down this pathway we find ourselves confused by the concept of exposure versus expression. One is an overt declaration defined by the manner of expression, the other, is truth experienced through the articulation of emotion. The air and manner at which you speak matters not, it’s the pronouncement of passion that asserts itself right.

Drops of rain fall over the skin, each one being completely unique. Beauty beckons from another world as Wendy Rowe celebrates the will of water. A cleansing of our aura takes place as each image drives our spirit high. We bear witness to the intimate connection that exists, as nothing stands between her and her universe. The ground awakens to this natural high, allowing us to experience her features in exciting new ways. I see her body as a symbol of strength. Beauty basks in nature’s glory, as all good things come to those who wait. Water gathers on her skin like so many soldiers willing to fight, while naked makeup moves from the arch of her brow to the curl of her lip.

In touch with the earthly surroundings… the ground turns to Grace as the sky is seen through the curves of her face. The future falls in time allowing us to witness the change. Bold art evokes a sense of rightful rhythm, as she gets In touch with her carnal connection. A living, breathing picture of hope. Here we see her stand in gracious harmony, held forth to the coming of good. Poetry projects itself over the skin, with blue dots transforming into a silver oasis. Franco Gobbi shares ideas on hair like indigenous gifts of natural art. Freedom is mimicked in expression as a plastic cap covers the head in magenta millinery. The future falls in time as all things revert back to whence they came. Beyond our beliefs and outside of our comfort, what we see is closely related but part of something more. Rising forth from the water she floats through the sea, making her way back to home.