Jamilla Hoogenboom in “Sortilèges” by Alice Rosati for Numéro #179 December 2016/January 2017

Jamilla Hoogenboom foretells the future in “Sortilèges” by Alice Rosati for Numéro #179. Bewitching beauty takes hold, as Jamilla makes friends with a beautiful Burmese Python named Banana. Inspired by the magic mojo of modern witchcraft, this fuels the fire of the female spirit. Black doesn’t reflect a turn toward the dark side, rather, it reveals a sense of independence. Silky fabrics open up the mind’s eye, while a mix of the exquisite lures us inside. The exciting part of this editorial is that it inspires a level of exploration. Spells celebrate the art of ceremony as the music of magic plays on. Allowing us to seek out new prospects, this puts to rest the antiquated notions about witchcraft. Unique features play to the concept of creativity, while decadence defines the designs. Vanessa Metz uses power of red to grab out attention, while lean looks invite high intensity. Living a charmed life, fashion falls over the body as couture captures a sense of spirit. No mayhem wanting to be had, rather, this is about allowing herself the right to be free. Open to the universe, she finds a place within her soul that says… I am enough! And to that end, we see an extension of that pent-up emotion. Just like snakes aren’t creatures waiting to bite, these are feelings that just need to be expressed right.

Sleek and slender she moves like a jungle cat, with each step exposing more of who she is. Standing beside the circle of light, she makes a physical transformation through a spiritual illumination. Tapping into her supernatural force-field, Min Kim fuses the idea of magic and makeup. Top-heavy lids invite us inside with an intensity sparked by the eyes. Her face feels part of the ceremony, as strikes of color fall down her cheeks, while circular light symbolizing the eternal band of freedom. Pink cheeks emote raw energy and revitalize spirit, while subtle lip shades signify a sense of salvation. This connective spirit allows her to be at one with the universe. Olivier Schawalder uses her long, flowing locks as a symbol of strength as the fire is felt in the untreated strands of her hair. Enchanting beauty is worn with good intentions, giving us the true vision of modern witchcraft. Neon circles represent the mythical spirit of eternal life, as the All-Seeing Eye in the center of her palm indicates a spiritual awakening. Foretelling the future… walking along the poolside with her back facing front, she steps into the unknown.