Lindsey Wixson in “Bouquet of Flowers” by Richard Burbridge for Vogue Russia, January 2017

Lindsey Wixson mimics floral beauty as she basks in a “Bouquet of Flowers” by Richard Burbridge for Vogue Russia, September ’17. Auspicious yearnings of tomorrow are found in the cradled optimism of today. Curves catapult us into another dimension with lips that switch from pink to orange. Burbridge brings a flap that functions as a see-thru accessory, lined with silver. While the brim goes beyond the trim, with white netting pulled down over the eyes. Floral arranging can feel a bit dated, however, here we experience a boom in blossom building. Anya Ziourova brings fresh fashions to the forefront with styles that capture the look of live staging. These pictures are projected by the perfectly imperfect, baring out botanical beauty that’s backed by ethereal majesty. Lindsey lets her mind go, allowing the visual mandates to be upheld by the vacancy of variance. Airy/optimistic art invites the victories of life.

Peter Philips brings the art of modernity forward with angelic elixir that mixes luxury and light. The art of extreme is caught in a dream as dueling lids become Eye-Deal double team. Under blue mascara, eyes excite in different shades, one pretty-in-pink and one little-boy-blue. With a look you might miss at first glance but then it takes you by surprise, pink and blue prove opposites attract. Eyes cause an optical illusion with subtle shifts that blend into the background. While shadows dance under a sea of succulence, lucid lids are cast in colorful dreams. A fine young beauty a fair-haired child whispers in petulance at the weary of the wild. Rutger revels in the righteous overlay as natural strands settle in the soft bends. Unkempt looks provide a frame by which to sit, allowing her carefree dew to catch the wind and fly free. Graceful features fall over the face like so much pretty artfully portrayed.

Supple skin is seen as an expression of excellence, captured through the luxury of light. Eyes exude an otherworldly appeal, too far apart yet poetically positioned. While yellow lids are both innocent and evocative, a look that derives from being authentic. Taking pause to gaze upon her beauty, we stop to realize that perfection is a dangerous word to play with. To attain such a sense one must be willing to give up something real. Seeing past her pristine makeup and beyond her brilliant beauty, what I see is passion based on innocence. And, I’m not willing to kill that innocence – I believe the price is too high. Prophecy befalls upon us allowing a foretelling of the future to come forth. Living, breathing characters ~ as we look into the eyes of tomorrow we see ourselves today.