Meghan Collison in “Colour of the Night” by Patrick Postle for Vogue Ukraine, December ’16

Meghan Collison in “Colour of the Night” by Patrick Postle for Vogue Ukraine, December 2016. Beauty is all but a dream caught in a state of the extreme. Light filters through the aire, as paint slides down the face and art jaunts into another dimension. Up down and all around is the direction we will head… for never knowing where we’ll go will lead us to a drop dead show. Craziness is caught in-between as, “surrealists sought to channel the unconscious as a means to unlock the imagination.” By combining pure inspiration from many influences, this tale echos the sentiment of transformation. Playing with the concept of change we tap into the unconscious arena. Compelling content is hidden just beneath the surface, unlocking the mysteries of the mind. Surrealism spurs on symbolic revolution, using abstract means as a source of true expression. Through each image we are able to view visual stimulation, that upon closer inspection demonstrates something deeper. Artistic truth inspires us to channel our many secrets, proving we can push aside superficial excess in order to uncover rightful unrest. Grab on tight to time that never ends… as we sail on high through a journey that just begins.

Naked eyes make a statement as jewels feign like tears falling down the cheeks. Bejeweled beauty comes to be as Marla Belt invites the music of avant-garde makeup to play on. White paint swirls up one cheek side while flaming red shadow covers the opposite lid. Standing back we witness a large, heart shape framing Meghan’s face, following in kind down the front of the neck. Getting up close and personal, the camera angle pulls us in as blue leaves a subtle skid across the chin. The mouth makes a strong statement, with raucous red drawn on in defining form. Cutting off the end of the lip-color one might think it would create a visually vexing mess, however, what we see is something all together original. Drama defines the scene as a glossy tone showcases the curves of the upper lip ~ and then slowly drips down in a water like consistency.

Travisean Haynes works coiffured hair by highlighting a plastic piece sculpted over the head, while Lisa Jarvis keeps things consistent with styles that capture the culture of creative. High fashion is here with daring looks that both blend and beguile. This story gives a nod to goth glam with a futuristic tone thrown in for fun.