Vanity Fair Italia

Milla Jovovich embraces the season in elevated style by Ellen von Unwerth shot for Vanity Fair Italia, 12/2016. The Milla Magic has arrived with evocative imagery that uncovers her inner provocateur. A seething array of artistic display, Unwerth delivers high design with symbolic looks that live right on the edge. Vigor and verve are vested through the stamina of spirit, as intensity works its way through the enterprise of initiative. Gaelle Bon sticks with the theme by choosing fashion delivered from inside a dream. Mental acumen is fared through the recesses of the mind, allowing emotive energy to rise up and empower each piece. Sensuality evolves over the page exploding out in a decadent rage. 70’s inspired pictures are rich with retro flavor while they revel in a futuristic theme. Modern is mixed with a vintage twist. Complex yet cohesive, this gives fashion the gusto it needs to fulfill a future glam-slam. Dressed in all black, she screams to be seen with a long, leather coat covering a two piece set of 40’s inspired lingerie. Fishnet nylons top this look off, delivering a declaration of design defiance. Divine style is directed right with a bodice-baring one-piece topped with a black, bolo fur jacket. Like a still from a movie set scene, each shot recalls a time in history while it aims to echo ahead. Calling on her thespian chops, she brings forth modeling made for the big screen. Standing inside a mirrored space the walls radiate with darkness while the chrome lights up the place.

Stunning us into submission, Regine Bedot brings back the art of cosmetic couture. Her ice, blue eyes hypnotize, staring us down with a powerful force. Darkness dances with the sun creating a connection of beautiful proportion. Skin echos with an alabaster hue, turning bright light into an inviting edge. The past and future collide marrying the idea of reconceptual construct. Bouncing off fair skin she’s lit from within as visual artistry meets overt excess. Makeup mimics the moonlight, forcing the face to bend to blown out brilliance. Bold brows provide a perfect outline, letting her features fall in poetic placement. Ranging from airy to aggressive, red revels in intensity with powerful pigments that pop. Beauty burns daring to bare sumptuous shades. As luxurious lips leave nothing behind with a color that will kiss you into infinite. Yuji Okuda slicks the sides of the hair back for a signature dew, using highlights for fierce-looking locks. Vivacious and free this captures creative coiffure at its finest. Daring to wear nothing on top, Jovovich stands naked to the world with leather gloves crawling half way up her arms. With hands held to her head she appears to be thinking intensely, or possibly we’re witnessing psychically inspired mind reading? To fight for freedom to search for love is a timeless waste and a worry for none.

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