“Rave Girls Rule” by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, February 2017

A mystic essence fills the aire inviting an edict of change in “Rave Girls Rule” shot by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, 02/2017. Bold females feel the fuel as sister hijinks set this story to cool. Empowerment unites, forging a pathway for feminine energy to be exposed. Pictures mix mayhem with modern-day couture celebrating model-of-the-moment, Imaan Hammam. Dynamic wares dare to get things done, as laid back leisure mixes with high end fun. This girl knows how to blow with moves so haute they’ll take us straight to the sun. Anna Dello Russo embraces the theme of the day by playing the hard-core way. Novel ideas achieve impressive form as the body bends in poetic procession. Faretta fuels the fire, as she finds herself in a full Nun’s habit, with the words “Future & Sex” written across the front of her day dress. Compellingly contradictory, accessories light up the page turning Imaan’s leather chaps into a righteous rage. Fashion finds its footing with styles that speak the international language of chic. Rich imagery blends genuine emotion with daring details, giving us the raw elements of high couture. We view the incoming stimuli as avant-garde excess, but what we see between the lines are pieces of vintage play. A tale of two looks blend, hidden beneath the sequins and lace is a funky pair of flat tops.

Yasmin Wijnaldum dares to bare the out the beauty of youth, as she makes strips of black tape look like a masterpiece of haute couture. A skid mark moves across her lids as Georgi Sandev brings out the brilliance of this high octane look. Vittoria Ceretti, Odette Pavlova and Faretta draws us in as this trio takes us to another planet. Each girl offers something unique, however, when we get to the eyes of Odette something strange happens. Staring straight ahead Pavlova penetrates our soul, using her intoxicating eyes to draw us inside. Her black liner makes a point with dark circles surrounding the optic area. The evocative nature of this girl’s stare is so compelling we find ourselves lost in her lure. Camille Hurel’s facial symmetry sends us into space. Pretty delivers a defining punch, as Selena, Stella and Vittoria show they aren’t afraid to play the hard-core way. Luigi Mureno captures a cohesive collection, with looks that range from natural to neo-native and pure to progressive. Marjan Jonkman isn’t just a blonde in a sea of dark locks, rather she’s a unique kind of light that shines bright. Agnes Åkerlund lets the plumage soar with an exquisite, gem encrusted band with white feathers flying out the top. Stella Maxwell’s hair falls long and great, while Ruth Bell’s short dew stands up straight. The art of extreme is caught in a dream as all things melt in the space between.

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