Roos Abels in “Mirage” by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine #179, December/January 2016-17

Roos Abels teeters on the edge of time in “Mirage” shot by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine #179, December/January 16-17. As I sit and wait for love to arrive I feel you waiting on the other side. It’s not often that we see an editorial that’s so rich with unique details and uncommon imagery. Gravity gets a face-lift with images that attract the body to the center of the earth. Bernat Buscato uses his sensory perception to bring a new focus to high fashion, with extreme elements that give rise to the energy of the picture. Color casts a spell while still complimenting the cohesive nature of the story. Each image is designed to add intimacy between the reader and creator, while photography is built by compelling creativity. Artistry revels in the riches of the outdoors, as shots are swept up in the sand dunes of time. Roos stands strong in the center of the desert wearing a simple pink dress. As opposition excites the senses, she wows us with a long tie that works as a matching eye mask. Silky works catch the wind and take flight, as she jumps to the sky with her hair sailing high. Draped in clouds of gauzy Chanel, decadence defines the day as yellow velvet floats away. Abels cuddles up on a quiet, sandy mountain in a dramatic dress-green coat and matching tights. Continuing her trek through the desert, she’s seen in a Grecian dress with an eclectic purse-belt and a black, leather jacket. Ending her journey in a sun silken gown, she makes it to the top, standing over the sand with a carved eye looking down.

Concepts collide as Tyron Machhausen fuses opposing faces from naked to fully made up. Art reflects the aura of the area with makeup that merges with the natural surroundings. Dreamy desert lands are captured in utterly clean concept of the skin, while faces change, making way for pink cheeks and a bright pout. The inner eyes are tipped with gold as the bow of the mouth follows suit. A kiss of orange lingers on her lips while a blast of red oozes over her fingertips. True beauty doth beguile, as her head tilts back allowing brilliance to shine through. A mystical blend of nude illusion and avant-garde edge gives these ethereal looks a timeless element. Standing in front of a star riddled sky the skin starts to glow in the blink of an eye. Pasquale Ferrante uses the strands of long hair as a means of projected energy. What goes up must come down… like a work of sculpted artistry each piece flies with endless force or lies flat in symphonic silence. Poetic in passion inspired in execution ~ Txema celebrates the power of people and what they can accomplish when they put their minds together.

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