Dua Lipa by Mario Testino for for V Magazine, Spring Preview 2017

Dua Lipa sinks into the soul of the 70’s by Mario Testino for V Magazine #105, Spring Preview 2017. Her voice rips through my mind like whiskey tearing through my chest in kind. Her ballads bring forth a wicked mixture of hope and heretic, as the undulating rhythm meets the poetic rhyme. Leaving behind the idea of rock ‘n’ roll, we find ourselves memorized by the new sounds of… Rock & Soul. Dipping into the decade of sheer decadence, art emerges at the center of symbiosis. Fashion & music meld together, forming a fusion of sound and style. Tom Guinness celebrates the unique spectacle of Lipa with legendary looks of the 1970’s. Designs appear in a vintage display, allowing the past to lead the way. Layers of superimposed shots symbolize the arc of a new era.

My heart pumps with vigor as the underlying beat of beauty takes hold. Framed in fury her face drinks in the light, as Yadim lets her bold features speak. Wide brows provide a barrier, giving the clean look an extreme edge. Rich with retro flavor the entire lids are covered with an ethereal hue. Continuing the vintage theme silver shadows scream to be seen. Mystic, dark eyeliner is topped by faux lashes, while the skin radiates a golden glow. An ode to eye-art of time gone by, that begins with the graphic aspect of linear detailing. So captivating is her jaw line, we find ourselves lost in the lines of her face. Muted tones gives the mouth a uniform theme, as neutral colors collide, enticing powder/lips to combine.

Richly exquisite, beautiful isn’t enough as we find ourselves truly mesmerized. Christiaan captures the allure of 70’s Cher, with images that mimic the fluid form of her flowing hair. Mario brings to mind this delicious line, “Long enough to drink up more money than he could earn in a month”. Borrowed from a book that barters in cowboy contraband, Dua’s music resonates with the same sorts of sultry sounds. A girl from Kosova… her face reads with a unique kind of freedom that emanates from her soul.

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