Isobella Bowering by Armin Morbach for Tush Magazine #39

Isobella Bowering lights up the night in “We’ll Take Chrome” by Armin Morbach for Tush Magazine #39. The face is not merely a place where we drop makeup off, rather, it’s a chance to reshape our ideas on beauty. A spectacle of sensation appears on sight, as features dance under the bright lights. Art evolves before our eyes as this story gives us a sense of adventure. Editor-n-Chief of Vogue Paris, Frédérique Verley, stepped in as style supervisor, showcasing a variety of visual stimulating designs. The future of fashion is here with looks that move beyond our current theme of dressing. Decadence defies the senses, with designs that are as much about touch sensation than anything else. Visual stimulation is only one aspect of the experience that Armin exposes. The emotive qualities of tactile fabrics fuel the fire as each ensemble is an invitation to explore.

Art unleashes the beast as Loni Baur unearths the power of true beauty. Neo-Creativity captures our imagination, with clown couture that masters the artistry of modern makeup. Eyes erupts in a cavalry of colors, with purple bumping up against a brilliant blue. Faux lashes explode in excess as charcoal encircles the entire eye area. Winged-white shapes light up the lids, highlighted below by a diamond inspired line. Gold circles create a cheeky illusion, with details that takes this concept to another level. Clown couture has never been so inspired, as rouge lips are enhanced by a sparkling overtone. Baur reshapes our ideas on beauty by having everything blend into each other. A surplus of chic floods the page reeling it out in a righteous rage. Makeup doesn’t end with the face, rather it extends to embrace the significance of life.

Moving on… the crystal chaos continues by covering the brows in a backward C. Symbolic shapes frame the face, as a post-modern Star Trek theme steps into place. The future has arrived, as silver and gold sweeps over the forehead and follows down the cheeks. Isobella stares in defiance as she shares her naked face. A rainbow of colors blend over one lid appearing like a manifestation of light. Bold and brilliant, she sits in reflection as a powdered hue beckons us forth. An artful revelation takes hold, as beaded strings lay over her eyes as if hanging from nothing, thoughts do arise. Staying with that theme, golden statues fall from her head dangling forth from vibrant, red strings. Her hair shape is so exquisite, it molds in such a way as to appear like clay. Creativity is formed in the chasm that exists between normalcy and excess. As innovative spirits travel toward the avant-garde edge, pioneering our efforts to pulls us past our pain.

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