Sam Rollinson & Hoyeon Jung in “Time to Party” by Marcus Ohlsson for Vogue Japan, February 2017

Sam Rollinson & Hoyeon Jung say goodbye to the past as they welcome in 2017, in “Time to Party” by Marcus Ohlsson for Vogue Japan, February 2017. Confetti hits the floor as the clock strikes 12:00 AM. Celebrating the party theme… glitter dances beauty abounds, as colors collide in a circular surround. Symphonic shades are ready to go as Fredrik Stambro steals the show. Eye-to-eye & Face-to-face ~ vibrant creations can’t be erased. Sam sits straight on with blue that screams, while Jung stands to the side in gorgeous greens. Dynamic shifts deign to take place with dueling eyes that look like they’re from the same face. Emotions run high as imagination flies free, exposing the artistry between you and me. The curtain rises as shadows erupt lighting the stage in a righteous rage, as purple strikes high straight through the storm displaying out in a dramatic form.

Yellow projects a powerful note by surrounding the entire orbital area. Charcoal wing flies out the sides, with green & blue lines moving halfway across the eyes. Makeup reflects the dueling nature of life’s differences, by capturing tones to poetic perfection. The skin’s the thing as pink perks things up with bold blush, while red invigorates the lips with a killer kiss. Looking into the future, fashion and makeup fuse into one. Charles Varenne uses style as a template for change and fabrics as a means of expression. A jean jacket is covered with lines of crystals, while cobalt leather is trimmed in fur. A green, snake-skin jacket steals the show while black/white fur give the illusion of zebra stripes. A purple pop is seen in a luring lavender chemise, as polka dots project chaotic couture unlike we’ve seen. While Martin Cullen lifts hair leaving it tight and high, with bangs falling softly around the face.

The Art of 2017 is Unleashed. Don’t Shed a Tear… A New Year is Here… Open Your Heart… Let Go of Fear ~ a brilliant light is what we shall see in the arms of humanity that brings us to be. Emotions run high as imagination flies free exposing the beauty between you and me. True art will summon us home finding a place where freedom doth roam. 

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