Viviane Sassen for Pop Magazine, Fall/Winter 2016

Nimue Smit, Lily Donaldson & Amanda Googe fly through the mind’s eye by Viviane Sassen for Pop Magazine, F/W 2016. Fate is held in the hands of destiny, as fortune is found at the feet of the future. My weapon is my pencil the power’s in my mind, all is but a secret that life has left behind. Part I and Part II unfolds in two distinct sections, as I weep in quiet corners a respite from the pain, of what I’m sworn to conquer is the will that keeps me sane. This model has a Marilyn moment, with a Gucci skirt blown up over the back of her bare derriere. Modern fashion finds a new line of style by exposing the underlying artistry that exists. Lily Donaldson redefines the idea of high design with dynamite pictures that drive the desirability factor way up high. Fast moving images tear through in a dream, as a blast of brilliance leaves us in a state of mise en scène.

Spacial framing fuses factors that relate to the composition of the piece. Balance and symmetry bring to mind the power of play, while each image projects a sense of independence. Conceptual Interaction signifies strength, inviting the creative side to ride wild. Vanessa Reid revs things up, from coats worn backwards and inner-wear worn out. Proving life is full of fun as we scream and shout. Deviating from the norm she “stands-out” in killer form, as Victorian undergarments are now exposed. Haute lingerie reveals itself in overt excess, as raw wears dare to bare the body beautiful. Lily honors histories finest with shots that celebrate the sinuous shapes of today. Nimue Smit catapults us into another dimension with a face that’s seen in backwards beauty. The back becomes the front as this picture projects the power of pop photography. Framing begins with a shape or contour similar to the image its projecting, as surrounding circumference gives an abstract view. Special effects take on new meaning while still maintaining a graphic match. As a bright, red mouth screams into infinite as the music of makeup plays on.

Delicate fabrics stun us into submission as silken styles catch the wind and fly. Gucci is seen with a signature double “G” soaring overhead in a glorious red. The marks are written on stark, white fabric showing up in a ravenous hue. Lily is a force to be reckoned with as her ~ Tush ~ flashes forth in a furious surprise. This fearsome female plays host as she blasts her bare backside, showing a skirt from the Gucci Ghost Collection. Facing front she’s holding a black “Real Gucci” bag, strategically placed to cover her naked parts. To master the mimicry of the face, Irena Ruben take us to a special place. Beauty beckons as lips retreat, hiding openly behind a thin masque of delicate textiles. Amanda stands in the center of this cut-and-paste collage, with a shearling, leather jacket covering her naked body. Spitting water across the page, she shares some playful rage. Only one eye is exposed in this romantic image, as the face is halfway encased in black, veiled lace.

Donaldson’s face is split down the center, with half of it naked and the other half made-up. She is the star of this story, showing us there’s no bounds she can’t break by daring to wear (reddish) faux hair. Moving from clean to extreme with much in-between, this celebrates the creative nature of coiffure. Like a potter using a pile of clay, Ruben transforms dews into works of art. Lips dangle in defiance with a cigarette hanging out, while hope hangs in remembrance making us scream and shout. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder – as art always seeks to finds its natural balance. This doesn’t focus on the future of fashion or the phenomenon of fate. It’s a tale that ponders the act of promise. Flirty, fun, fabulous and real – Lily kicks her feet back getting spiked heels caught up in avant-garde panties.

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