Vogue Ukraine

Anna Cleveland embraces the era of indulgence in “1980s” by Yelena Yemchuk for Vogue Ukraine, 03/17. In an age of excess highlighted by an array of head-spinning styles, high fashion is the thing. This history is a haute one, as Julie Pelipas defines the times by using a variety of creative couture. This borrows from the famous big-shouldered look of the day, with body-con bulk that made this decade famous. By taking artistic license this story embraces basic form and function, showing that tight isn’t always right. Leaving behind the cartoon couture the decade became known for, we find ourselves left with a cool compilation of 80’s inspired finds. Silky fabrics fall over the body, in a pattern that grabs divine design vibes. Dior stops the show with a black, leather dress missing the top half. Poetry speaks volumes, as Anna sits in quiet ease, with shiny stones stuck over her left breast in the shape of a heart. The past and future collide as Ayami Nishimura casts a cosmetic spell. Makeup from the day finds it’s way with rich colors that fuse in a fabulous way. Brows bend at the end while a straight line flies over the eyes, as soft pink spills off the lids wrapping down around the face below. Moving over the cheekbones, a vigorous tone tempts with a tectonic view casting yellow in a vibrant hue. Red lips give a rebel yell with a shiny top that pops into infinite. Tomi Kono structures hair like a piece of clay, moving it around in vintage format. Giving an ode to the history of hair, from mimicking the Flock of Seagulls to sweeping curls up into a one-sided dew. A tale that takes the greatest part of the past and turns it into a creative masterpiece. 1980’s is revisited as the decade is redefined.

“Scholars have long maintained that each era has a unique spirit, a nature or climate that sets it apart from all other epochs.” Known as the Spiritghost, the zeitgest of the 80’s is a powerful one. Propelling past the period proper, with tentacles that reach far beyond the walls of time. People often make the mistake of viewing trends through this prism, allowing them to assert continued control. The inability to see yourself as part of this ever-changing process is what leads to ego inflation. When people refuse to understand their limitations, they cut themselves off from the greater purpose of life. Conceptual in nature, this ever-evolving ball of existence is the thing that allows us to keep growing. If we stopped considering ourselves as part of this great system at large, then where do we belong? Contemplate the repercussions, if you will. The over-inflated, egoist mentality that has crippled so many of today’s youth, is the enemy we are fighting. Every generation has a moment of mental misery. That’s to say, the working function of the brain proper is put on the back burner, while exhausting the over-saturated stimulus muscle. Not uncommon, this behavior is almost a right of passage. So, we find ourselves at a crossroads. Led by one of the most ego-maniacal men in existence. And, half of America seems to be following suit. A time in history that seems to be screaming for salvation. That which we hold dear is crumbling, as we sit on the sidelines shaking our heads. And I for one refuse to take this sitting down.

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