Hana Jirickova in “Call to Arms” by Camilla Åkrans for Porter Magazine #19, Spring 2017

Hana Jirickova summons us forward to the front lines of fashion in “Call to Arms” by Camilla Åkrans for Porter Magazine #19, Spring 2017. Hana flies in from above, Half Bird ~ Half Woman. I call to the winds… I call to the air… I call to the women who fight for our fair. I seek to find fortune in the form of female empowerment. Mere words aren’t just sounds strung together for effect. If we stop and listen to the meaning behind them, we may discover that we’ve found a true treasure. An exotic tale of art and nature, this editorial unleashes energy that emanates from the orbital plane. Spring chic speaks with couture that hits the city streets. Julia von Boehm creates a spectacle of sensation, with a collection so unique it vibrates off the page. Cohesive styles celebrate the commonality of a theme, while each piece expresses itself in the extreme. Decadence drives the story foreword with a sheer, black skirt exposing a specter covered in sequins. Matching in kind, the top is a timely piece with a heart-shaped appliqué done over the left breast. Hana makes her way down New York’s famous city streets, with a pant suit covered in stars that give off a trail of light. Winds that Blow as Dreams may go into another world… the ethereal nature of these fluid fashions are seen as black silk flies like wings on high. The body is bred to bare this form as this filly is made to run the storm. As a gorgeous, tiger growls from behind the hood, she walks away showing the word ~ LOVED ~ sewn across her jacket – hero ine.

This new era of skin stimulation has begun highlighted by a concept I call, “Feature Tripping”. Easing us into next century cosmetics, Wendy Rowe takes those first steps toward the forward face. Beauty blends as we realize we are no longer talking about makeup proper. Make-me-up… make-me-down this sensation causes skin to abound. Layers of scintillating sparkles are cast over the lids giving it a masque like effect. Letting this process explode, we’re open to a maquillage effect fully transposed. A revolution of forward cosmetics come into play, presenting in an airbrushed way. As glitter lies over the eyes, winged shapes take flight. Moving in poetic harmony, we view a vision looped around the orbital ground creating a specter of sensation. Rowe masters the craft of avant-garde makeup, by using eye graphics unlike we’ve seen. Yannick D’Is captures our imagination with slicked back hair energized by a scintillating overtone. Dueling pictures penetrate the page as this piece becomes Optical Artistry. So ornate are the eyes we fail to realize the rest of the face is left naked. The skin is kept clean except for a stream of golden tears falling down her face… as black glitter shines leaving behind the streaks of silver she cries.

My Winged Arms they Stretch So High Ready to Touch the Waning Sky… the air it doth caught the wind at my feet as my soul it does carry the weight of defeat… so, I’ll tell you a story that reads like a rhyme filled with rivers that flow like water through time… bending and turning this way and that is a tale that will take you from where you are at… truth is but met with sadness that lies, as the happy is matched by the pain of their ties… that bind me in heartache and stir me in strife… while they ever so tempt me with the love of this life.

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