Karmen Pedaru by Donna Trope for 10 Magazine No.58 SS 2017

Chanel Cosmetics captures a killer theme with “Kiss Me Deadly” by Donna Trope for 10 Magazine No.58, SS 2017. Karmen Pedaru brings forth a fusion of bombastic beauty, showing us that extreme doesn’t mean heavy application. Skin to skin this story lets us in to a world where the inventive nature grows free. She’s soft in all the right places with personality that evokes an edge. This line – not mine – brings to mind the idea that behind every woman there’s a fiery female ready to go. Modernity hides behind lines, bringing us beguiling beauty that breaks the notion more is better. Here we have a few stray lines drawn in all the right places, making us feel we are seeing something spectacular. Sharon Dowsett celebrates the duality of creative makeup, by showing us opposites can attract. Expressive layouts capture our imagination with conceptual lineage drawn in applied form. Not wanting to disrupt the even flow, she uses simple strikes to create graphic patterns. White scores are drawn above and below, giving the illusion of an outline. While a thickish, brown strike is made through the lids, leaving behind a mark of success. The eyes have it all with a collection of creative op-art. Less is more when talking about the optical artistry, but when it comes to the mouth – more is simply more. Naked skin lures us in with a shade so soft you’ll miss it. Within a blink of an eye tones will fly and you’ll be on a carousal of color. Pigments erupt over the page unloading in a righteous rage. As blackberry’s so slick it’ll give this (lip)stick some schtick, as her tongue lends a quick lick to the famous… Barbie Doll Pink – Chanel Lips.

Trope tantalizes the senses with an innovative tale built on the title, Angels Pleasure Fluid. Make of it what you will but this prose, in my opinion, elevates this editorial to another level. And, while fashion (proper) isn’t the thing here, (Editor-in-Chief) Sophia Neophitou, shows us the real style story. A gold, chain link slinks out of the mouth only to be attached to a that’s safety-pin dripping from the lips. While, Pedaru’s pink tongue sticks out from below, kindly licking a black, Chanel Tag. Graphics shapes send us into another dimension with distinctions that devour our sensibility. Look but don’t see… stare but don’t fear… love but don’t ache… dream but don’t forsake…

Karmen Pedaru by Donna Trop for 10 Magazine 58 SS 2017 10Karmen Pedaru by Donna Trop for 10 Magazine 58 SS 2017 2 Karmen Pedaru by Donna Trop for 10 Magazine 58 SS 2017Karmen Pedaru 10 Magazine Karmen Pedaru by Donna Trop for 10 Magazine 58 SS 2017 6Karmen-Pedaru-by-Donna-Trope-for-10-Magazine-No.58-SS-2017-3Karmen Pedaru by Donna Trop for 10 Magazine 58 SS 2017 4Karmen-Pedaru-by-Donna-Trope-for-10-Magazine-No.58-SS-2017-6