Taylor Hill by Charlotte Wales in Pop Magazine #36, Spring/Summer 2017

Taylor Hill rides it high by Charlotte Wales in Pop Magazine #36, Spring/Summer 2017. We aint dippin’ our toes into the shallow waters of style, we’re jumpin’ head first into an ocean of high fashion. So hold on tight it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. In the art of true excess lives the heart of haute couture. Here we stand at the crossroads of independence… Do we swim back to the safety of current choices, or do we expand with the water wings of wondrous style? Letting go of our inhibitions, we open our mind to an extravaganza of fun. Taylor falls over the front of this majestic (faux) animal, with her high, one-sided ponytail sticking up behind the bull’s beautiful large horn. And, while I recognize these images aren’t real, they do celebrate our similarities with all of the animal kingdom.

Charlotte Collet delivers a wide range of unique design with types that keep the fantasy alive. While silver fringe fuels the scene as looks dazzle us with decadence. The elements of shine fall over the skin, glowing with effortless appeal. Ethereal fabrics flow with unintended intensity, as they (oddly) play in perfect harmony with the body of these giant creatures. Wearing prairie grass like fabric and green platforms… Taylor tears through the sky on the back of a bull ready to fly. What makes this girl so compelling is her utter confidence. We don’t question for a mere second the sanity of these shots, instead we’re fine in the suspension of disbelief. Stunning us into submission ~ she wears a full body, leather get-up that screams giddy-up. Taking the bull by the horns, this girl grabs on tight as she mounts a series of animatronic rides. The story gets cheeky with her wearing a cheerleaders uniform. While her body shows its super-sexy lines, with a one-piece suit that bares out her status in triple form ~ HOT, HOT, HOT.

Beauty brings us a breath of fresh aire as Jen Myles uses makeup that’s less about coverage than complimenting. Highlighting the eyes Myles applies a couple coats of mascara, leaving behind a nude illusion of shadow. Powder pink covers the upper face with a powerful blast, while tagging her pretty pout in a similar tone. Some mouths are enhanced to reach their natural potential. And then there’s those lucky few, for whom without any help have full lips that give off a bursting hue. Her wide jawline and perfect features bring a unique symmetry to her face. As she rides the shark from behind, wearing checker-board glass frames that give a nod to 80’s accoutrements. Vintage inspired art elevates the editorial, with skin that knows how to glow. Swinging do’s stand on end as ponytails project upward, flailing around in a chaotic abound. Chi Wong celebrates this collaborative adventure by embracing a wild variety of haute hair. Chi creates looks of clay-coiffure by forming buns that blow the old dews up.

Taylor Hill saddles up ~ giving these pictures a real sense of adventure. While we know we are looking at simple rides from any amusement park, this evocative tale tells of a young women who’s unafraid to face the unknown. Wales uses the camera as a source of spirit instead shooting to accumulate. And that provides a powerful incentive when you’re suspending disbelief. Each curve plays to the next one, allowing us to experience every move. With wheat grass on her back she bends down to take flight, holding on tight to the bull’s horns. This is not about playing on toys, it’s about honoring our connection to the animal kingdom.

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