Ally Ertel in “Urban Fairytale” by Emma Summerton for Vogue Italia, March 2017

Ally Ertel stands at the edge of time in “Urban Fairytale” by Emma Summerton for Vogue Italia, March 2017. In the misty morning with darkness abound we find ourselves waiting for life to come around… through the baron fields of our endless surround branches are like lost hands… waiting to be found… the subway shifts to a mystic underground… as chaos transforms to soothing sounds. In the waning hours of harvest we look into the eyes of tomorrow, reflecting back the promise of today. Each image is but a body carved out of the neo-primitive background. Unique fashion seeks its center searching in the middle of something strange. Elin Svahn lets the mystic nature of style speak ~ from the long, dark and wicked to ethereal-chic. Mysticism meets its match when two opposing elements try to coexist. The nature of reality combines the hard lines of metallic with the softened edges of time worn down. Tempting us with the idea of what’s hidden beneath, Ertel makes her way through the city wearing a series of shapeless gown. But, don’t let the lack of body-hugging fool you, this is a tale teaming with evocation. Summerton goes after the savage nature of overt opposition, in one of the most exquisite editorials put to page. Like an orchestra seeking sound we find ourselves searching for a symphonic surround. A picture of pure poetry… Ally pulls the dark hood up over her head as she leans against the subway railing. Emma invites a kind of combat of clothing, from velvet to silk, her variety of muted gowns fall serendipitously to the ground.

This powerful pictorial takes place during the witching hour, when the activity of magic is at its highest point. The art of angelic beauty rises forth as Laura Dominique makes features appear otherworldly. Strong angles come in contrast to the ethereal energy, giving the story a hint of modern mysticism. Jawara leaves the long, blonde locks loose letting fluidity fall through the page. Soft and demure Ally leans against the wall with mysterious affliction. As a black butterfly masque flies over her eyes, with silky wings that spread out over the skin. Standing at the center of strange she positions herself at the front of the frame. Like a reflection of poetic intention, we find ourselves lost in the luxury of a moment. Proud yet pensive ~ connected yet confined, every move erupts with compelling conviction. The Tree of Life Speaks… as black branches out ~ reaching from her body like an extension of limbs. Strangely compelling, this picture portrays a kind of passionate anguish. Meeting in the middle of a city overrun with potential we find ourselves searching for ourselves to become. The baron tree of beauty explodes in earnest as branches carve their way through the night sky. Each limb reaches out to be found as a female grows out of the ground. Casting herself against the winds, a dark hood blows over her face as silk cascades down her body. In the quite cravings of the midnight hour their lives another world. Time outside of time… she walks through the city like a girl without a home, a sprite, young witch wonders the streets alone. In the waning hours of harvest we long to be free, cradled in the arms of humanity.

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