Anna Cleveland in “The Iconic Objects” by Olivier Zahm for Vogue Russia, March 2017.

Anna Cleveland moves through the museum with intention in “The Iconic Objects” by Olivier Zahm for Vogue Russia, March 2017. Let’s play a game, if you will. Imagine this entire editorial space as a large canvas. Moving and stepping in open format, Cleveland becomes part of the largest frame in history. We see the shadow of abstraction come into view, as Anna imitates a model standing in Picasso’s famed light. Stretching through the light source she finds herself drawn into something deep. Pablo’s poetic madness captures our internal struggle for something more, while her calm demeanor plays in stunning contrast. The subtle strikes of intrigue remind us… this is a mind game first. To understand this kind of masterful inner-play, we must first be willing to join the party. Impelling forward, her body provokes a passionate response, while projecting a kind of poignant persuasion. An awakening of light arouses within us, the sentient rhythms of stimulation. This incites a rallying call to creativity. Katerina Zolototrubova hails on the forces of high fashion as a source of seduction. Using her body as a tool of temptation, Anna lures us into her web of persuasion. Please… don’t be pulled into the simplicity of semantics. What I mean is, like Picasso, the triumph of her spirit is felt through the fury of her action.

This editorial pushes the conceptual landscape with creative aesthetics that entice. Spandex materials act like second skin, with tight garments working to both cover/expose. Intoxicating fabrics join forces, from red leather to black lace, this compelling compilation falls into place. Poised between two famous Picasso’s, Anna lets her left breast out. Art is a living breathing thing as Kathy Le Sant rejects the idea of perfection, favoring something more substantial. Ever moving, ever changing… that’s how I see her fluid features. It’s the space between that says so much. The brows arch, the nose bends, the lips coil all comprising the curves of her skin. And so we see, like Picasso, her triumphant spirit isn’t found in simple description it’s felt in fluid form. Reaching beyond makeup, the mystic lines of modernity drive the momentum forward. We can’t be afraid to lose ourselves in the chaos, instead we must fight to find a new way to view. Seb Bascle handles hair with utter ease, cajoling curls until they cascade down the front. Abstract essence never felt so fine as this story compels us to the end of time. Her long legs reach to infinite, climbing up the stairs with a passionate portrayal. Undergarments are exposed from top of head to tip of toes. Contorting and stretching from above and below this is a reflection from the great… Pablo Picasso.

vogue-russia-march-2017-anna-cleveland-by-olivier-zahm-06 (1)vogue-russia-march-2017-anna-cleveland-by-olivier-zahm-08Vogue-Russia-March-2017-Anna-Cleveland-by-Olivier-Zahm-4 vogue-russia-march-2017-anna-cleveland-by-olivier-zahm-07 (1)vogue-russia-march-2017-anna-cleveland-by-olivier-zahm-04Vogue-Russia-March-2017-Anna-Cleveland-by-Olivier-Zahm-8 (1)Vogue-Russia-March-2017-Anna-Cleveland-by-Olivier-Zahm-9 (1)vogue-russia-march-2017-anna-cleveland-by-olivier-zahm-03 vogue-russia-march-2017-anna-cleveland-by-olivier-zahm-05vogue-russia-march-2017-anna-cleveland-by-olivier-zahm-01