“Dreamy Mood” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, March 2017

Roos Abels, Jess PW & Kirin Dejonckheere dive into the collective unconscious in “Dreamy Mood” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, March 2017. Like a dance being performed or poetry being read, this story delves into the mind deep. Abstract oneness becomes but a dream, as these girls explore the outer reaches of the inner mind. Katie Shillingford celebrates with a symphony of soft, ethereal styles flowing all around. Fashion falls somewhere in-between, from sheer lace to silk gossamer, see-thru fabrics give super-natural appeal. Surreal photography invites the idea of bending time. Sølve takes the concept of transparency to a new level, by giving the girls the illusion of being ghost like.

Through the hazy gaze of Springtime comes a tale of transient time. Blurred out imagery signals a semblance of movement, while a mystic overlay projects a sense of cinematic appeal. Each screen shot melts like vapor vanishing, sending us into an ephemeral state. Filmic in nature, multiple pictures present the same person, in a kind of coming together of the mind/body/spirit. A psychic revolution is at hand allowing each girl to unearth her spirit within. Fluidity in motion… Kirin floats through the room with such convincing persuasion, we begin to believe we are witnessing an Angel. Sam Bryant makes pink cheeks speak as Syd Hayes uses her flowing locks as a symbol of strength. The many forms we see are all standing in silhouette, projecting forth a state of luminosity. Moving as one they appear as light as a feather, as if we are witness to otherworldly apparitions. A dream inside a dream, this pays tribute to the time/space continuum, an notion that asks us to ponder otherworldly dimensions.

A soliloquy of softness spreads as Sam Bryant uses the plains of the face to illustrate. Her brilliant application allows us to feel the past while moving forward. Creating an absent brow makes the look more intense, while the eye is kept in tones of soft pink and cheek palate takes on a similar hue. This is not accomplished through a layering of makeup proper, rather, it is met through Bryant’s masterful technique. Exploring the inner corners of the abstract mind. Like rains that fill the reservoirs of excess so are the feelings that fill my body. The exquisite nature of these poetic apparitions expose the arc of humanity. While the appearance of the dove is a lasting symbol of peace.

Through the archways of existence I meet my other side, a fearsome female waiting to take us on a ride. So take my hand and join me through the walkways of the mind an everlasting fantasy is the story we will find. On the front lines of freedom we discover what we’re waiting for ~ a plethora of pageantry longing to be explored. Gone are the days of viewing this through the looking-glass of life, here we jump inside to join that costumed ride. tanyajo

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