Issa Lish & Katlin Aas in “Brooklyn” by Greg Kadel for Numéro #181, March 2017

Issa Lish and Katlin Aas takes it to the streets  in “Brooklyn” by Greg Kadel for Numéro #181, March 2017. To look and see the same old things with eyes as fresh as time. A gifted view of old as new is when yours becomes but mine. When I see these images I’m struck by there inner connectedness. Without an overt statement of purpose, we are witness to flowing motions that speak in never ending circles. That’s to say, when I look at each shot what I see is the fluidity of each frame. Limbs move in fluid form creating a kind of choreographed scene. Giving us a taste of the 80’s, inspired designs have arrived, with a revival that embraces a sense of spirit and adventure. Charles Varenne brings us a fast moving tale that will tickle our high fashion fancy. By building a brilliant mix of concrete and couture, the compelling angles start to merge. Environments unite as nature reveals itself in the most comely of ways. Twisted steal and sex appeal combines, allowing sharp edges to smooth out. Blue paint wares away exposing the casing below, as Issa stands proud, releasing inhibitions in shiny, patent leather. Katlin looks like a queen, donning a huge, red head-piece under which she walks wearing a graphic inspired caftan. Double duty is the name of the game, as most of the pictures has girls coupling up.

Skin to skin lets us in as fashion’s finest is seen in contrasting themes. By celebrating the connected spirit, Mariel Barrera brings a fresh take to the face. Eyes are lined with a charcoal flavor adding to the dramatic flair, while lips are kissed with a honey hue topped with a touch of silky peach. Powder emits a softness while their expressions are anything but. Beauty basks in the glory of gorgeous, as haute sun casts its rays across the skin. Laurent Philippon starts with a Bang by bringing this much beloved look back to the scene. Straight locks are complimented with long fringe, giving this style a chance for a redo. So instep are these two beauties we find ourselves lost in the music of their movements. Long limbs stretch to infinite as they reach to the heavens and beyond. Each change fluctuates driving the story forward, with unique moves so fluid its almost like a dance. One extends out to reach the other, and then passes her magic on. Progression is the idea of action put into forward motion, as evolution comes in syncopated steps. Tilting this way and that becomes a real thing… as abstract vision is the song we sing. Taking us to a place where we can look past our own indifference to see something new. To have new eyes… to have a new view… is to see the sky in many shades of blue. Angels of reference take on a defining theme as Kadel’s camera angles are so captivating, we find ourselves spellbound.

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