Luna Bijl & Ali Michael by Mario Sorrenti for Document Journal #10, SS 2017

Luna Bijl & Ali Michael show that fashion flows in a still life dream by Mario Sorrenti for Document Journal #10, SS 2017. Flowers of the imagination transform, as insight erupts, becoming a window to wonder. The path is sought through poetic devotion. Art becomes a singular dimension of space and time ~ at once entering the inner sanctum of the chaotic mind. Bracing for change this story celebrates the systematic move into another dimension. Follow us here and we will see the making of you is the making of me… for where we are is where we will be as hope heralds the hands to write free. Unique patterns and creative fabrics brings about an abundance of beauty. Sarah Richardson depicts the arc of flora inspired ecstasy by fusing High Style and Still Life. An alternative universe is where opposites not only attract they attack. Each piece is less about fashion proper than it is a pantheon of projection. Fusion floods the scene, from a purple fire extinguisher to an ancient golf club, a big, blue sink to a red vacuum cleaner. While a clock, calculator & coke bottle top things off, with a Nike striped ball bouncing in for good measure. Alternative designs lay claim to inanimate subject matter ~ allowing it to become one with backdrop. A spectacle of sensation arrives as a stylistic slam takes us into the future. Brain bending beauty becomes but a dream, from floral motifs to solid colors zig-zag patterned schemes zig-zag patterns and beyond.

Through the mind’s eye we begin to see something new, as methodology mimics the mind-trip of truth. Stretching our imagination we watch beauty bare itself out. The face takes shape as Frank B. elevates the features to form a palate of poetry. Makeup proper takes a backseat as cosmetic collage explores the kinetic energy of illusion. Scaling down her skin we begin to understand why beauty wasn’t built in a day. Natural application shows the semblance allowing us to see all their features in perfect form. If a skull was ever called perfect, Bijl’s would surely be. Pillowy lips make a surprising match, to wide-set eyes and full cheeks to follow. Chaos never looked so refined as colors careen in a collusion of light. Paint glides over the face letting pigments mix, as skin mimics mental emotion, playing with scales of proportions. Makeup moves as it melts making it look like the skin is evolving. Leafs and pedals play a part as Luna lays back in a bed made of flowers. Sorrenti studies the art of Still Life in this compelling composition used to depict inanimate subject matter. Ali projects this to perfection, sitting in front of a table of fruit with her finger stuck inside a watermelon. Camouflaged in colors each picture projects a sense of connection. Art and excess collide allowing us to embrace this chaotic environment. As the futility of flux erupts this atmospheric ensemble sends us racing. Randomly unconnected yet dutifully complete. This story celebrates the lushness of abundance. So beautiful are their surroundings both women are at once overtaken. The female as a flower… The symbolism couldn’t be more complete.

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