Sarah Abney in “Under Current” by Matthew Priestly” for The Impression Vol. 2, Spring 2017

Sarah Abney is “Under Current” by Matthew Priestley for The Impression Vol. 2, Spring 2017. In the interest of art and excess we make concessions for what we can’t see. We imagine we’re in another world where opposites not only attract they attack. Leaving us in the center of strange… we find that we’re transcending the stairway of change. A transformation is in progress as an alien life force takes over. The Impression of the baron surroundings is at once lifted away, replaced in haste by a celluloid dream. Caught inside the mind we find a circus of sensation. Rachel Gilman explores the exigence of urgency through the fluid force of high fashion. Primary colors fall off Abney’s back, as a cacophony of flat patterns and dizzying designs play to the story-line. White walls evoke a sense of emptiness, while mischief overtones are expressed in capricious captures. Arbitrary pieces project excess while loose items are piled in poetic display. Solid shades and unique shapes blend with a panacea of prints, all aimed at celebrating the curious. Voluminous waves rush against the shoreline of the mind, blasting forth the sea wall of wonder. As secrets spill we understand that clothing is less about material proper, than a symphony of style that can be procured. Spherical jewelry sends me spinning with rings done in circular settings. Seized in an “Under Current” of couture designs defy a code of cohesive conduct. Close your eyes and you will see the colors of life waiting to be… Upon completion we bare witness to the distinctive lines and quirky curves that allow this rebel to rise.

The face takes shape as Robert Greene gives way for this creature to awake. Pictures project a sense of silent spirit with a quirky covertness seething with strange. A morphing begins as Sarah closes her eyes allowing her imagination to fly. Greene holds nothing back as he begins his magic. Starting with a soft pallor we begin to see her alien like features form. Her brows give new meaning to curved appeal, with a solid arch that moves in a subtle upward trajectory. Entering a future state, each face is framed by a swim cap that leaves us with a sleek frame. An extreme eye-wing covers the entire lid, while lips of the same shade give this black/white shoot a boost. Moving into color a collective is borne. Like an abstract painting, the skin backdrop is done in yellow, while the features pop in primary tones. Peaking through a blue t-shirt worn over the head, her makeup wakes the senses. Abstract eye-wings flare out with purple topped in a gorgeous green, giving the facade a look of depth and dimension. Skin of pink and lips of red lay way for Sapphire circles to roam around the eyes, as the act of beauty builds in graphic display. Swimming in a sea of white the calmness of her demeanor infers an underlying edge. Shades of solemnity show themselves as vibrant waves of vacancy are written over her face. Musing and morphing, melodic pictures play in contrast to the celluloid of silence.

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