Vanessa Axente by Charlotte Wales for Pop Magazine SS 2017

Vanessa Axente asks the question “Est-ce Que C’est Chic” by Charlotte Wales for Pop Magazine, SS 2017. Moving bending this way and that working toward the inner flat… a place that takes your boring days turning them into a star studded play. So follow me forth and away we’ll go inside this super Pop studded show. Finding her inner fire, Vanessa uses her figure to frame out this physical pictorial. This season has begun with a fiery level of high fashion fun. Pictures play with prominence while indicating a sense of unencumbered freedom. Emotions flow as her body follows letting us experience the limber quality of her exquisite legs. Long lines reflect the length of her limbs, connecting in kind the character of her skin. Art is found as pins are exposed, from the top of her thighs to the tips of her toes. Looking at the linear aspects of Axente’s exquisite body, we are moved by the balletic drama. Silk drapes down in fluid form, with pleated designs that unfold like wings ready to take flight. Emilie Kareh captures the physicality of this story with subtle but strong limb activity. Black is the absence of color while The sum of all light souce add up to white. The ethereal nature of each design combines, bringing together two complimenting forces. Pleated skirts & pluming additions mix with solid shades showing us opposites do indeed attract. Staying on trend Adrien Pinault adheres to the look of no mascara. Baring out the bridge to beauty, this cosmetic concept goes with the new neo-bold look. The face takes on a look of uniformity as tones of peach play off the skin. Makeup keeps things calm, as an amber hue highlights the eyes and cheeks, while a deeper shade of orange lights up the lips. Louis Ghewy sweeps the hair back to create clean shape highlighted by Pinault’s bold brows. Shiny lines find the bends of the body as black fabric falls like a fashion tent ready to POP.

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