Vittoria Ceretti by Luigi & Iango for Exhibition Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017

Vittoria Ceretti exposes herself to the undulating rhythms of Luigi & Iango for Exhibition Magazine, S/S 2017. through the windows of existence I see the other side, a waning world of wanderlust waiting for me to hide. Looking through the tattered pieces of clothing she sees an escape. A way to conceal as she conveys. Enduring the shame of over exposure she attempts to exalt herself. A cleansing of the soul. A lifting of the spirit. In the solemnity of sanctity there lives a quiet place, where the clock rewinds to an unknown time when all can be erased. Sitting in harmony I hold on tight to the hollowed grounds of hope. Facing a force unknown to me, I call out for help to ignite my inner fire. Caught in the tenuous tracking of time unspent, I find myself in the remnant wakings of where I dare not relent.

Patrick Mackie uses the body like a waterfall of wonder. A symphony of fabrics fall in sequence, as we see, this is not fashion practical it’s an anomaly of haute couture. Tears are no longer simply rips in the structure of clothing, rather they are tenuous strips that leads us to another time. A cohesive mix of captivating couture, this is a story that celebrates the beauty of you. Split down the center, a fusion of light and dark converge leaving this story poetically balanced. Fabrics go from torn and tattered in black/white, to a peachy dream done in shades of light. Rich designs use tension to create unusual fabric momentum. While as intricate & detailed as these designs are, it really is the emotive quality that captures our imagination. This story keeps taking us farther away in the most effortless of ways, from the tips of her toes to the depths of her being, we can feel the emotion rise. A thespian at heart, there are some models that are just made for this kind of creative exploration.

The molten madness of this haute lava like couture is powerful to witness yet dangerous to the touch. Darkness devours the scenes as Georgi Sandev brings forth the beauty of black and white. Behind a silk wall features move out of focus, as the clarity of each image is artfully exposed. Realization begins when we understand, from different angles we get a new view. Shadows insinuate a swipe of muted color, following a pathway around the orbital field. Art and excess converge into one, as this is marked by a perfectly executed dark mouth. We’re not just speaking about black lips, what we are witnessing is the Sandev Signature. This artist works his structural field no different than a painter using a palate. His ability to transform isn’t about the end result, it’s about the path he takes to arrive. By approaching his purpose with such unique vision and application, the dimensions of the face take on the shape of a painted portrait. I am in awe of his work, and so compelled by the construct of this man’s hands.

Under a sheath of silk Charmeuse Vittoria is transformed. She spreads her wings way up high soaring through the spirit sky, catching wind she starts to cry feeling like a ~ Butterfly. A metamorphosis takes shape as colors collide over the face. Thick eyebrows take an overarching view, as a halo of minty green is cast over the deep brown surround. Maintaining the angelic quality while embracing the edge, the look is spectacular. Powder plays off her features, giving them an ethereal quality. Mastered with a delicate touch we make our way to the mouth. Artfully contained within the boundaries of beauty yet curiously falling out of line. Makeup is a mystery, as the silken fabric creates a blurrier effect leaving the illusion more pronounced. Luigi Murenu showcases a series of spectacular designs going from wet to wild. Hair is made to look like pieces of fabric falling off the body, mimicking in kind the rope dress below. While strands reveal another side as they wrap around the front of the neck. Luigi captures the rhythm of this two sided story, with haute coiffure that plays both sides. One look mimics a modern Mohawk, with high spikes following the part all the way around the center of the head. Then, instead of going bald we see her dark hair falling down both sides. Bound in beauty borne to be free, follow me forward on a new path to see.  poetic prose – tanyajo

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