Adut Akech & Nyaueth Riam by Harley Weir for i-D Magazine, Summer 2017

Adut Akech & Nyaueth Riam walk the talk in “Life is Art, Live Yours in Color” by Harley Weir for i-D Magazine, Summer 2017. Moving through the recesses of the mind we come in contact we our other side. Through the waning hour of slumber I seek a place to sleep… but in time… I lose my mind… searching to find myself. To change form, to reach beyond our comfort level we dare to evolve. The body moves to the rhythmic beat while the mind travels to another space and time. Allowing limitations to lift we sail off into a world of enchantment. Memory evokes a pattern of play that stretches beyond the imagination. Art and excess blend as they recoil creating a kind of syncopated anti-space. Melodic beats treat you to the vibe of the street while forever echoing the ebb of eternity. Beauty of Burnt Orange Breaks Through the Sky Delivering a Sweet Honey High

Embarking on a journey to the other side this story takes us to a world beyond. Where what we dream about is but a heartbeat away. Beauty blends as Thomas de Kluyver shows us that to breathe is to be. Beyond makeup proper this powerful piece centers on the self. Intoxicating imagery sets you on fire as we fall into fairway of fancy. Holding each other’s head in their hands, they close their eyes & fall back. The balance of beauty is artfully explored, as they both rely on each other for balance. Donning Lycra jumpsuits beneath the Chanel suits, these Ladies that Lunch look like they are visitors from another planet. The face is electric as haute pink cheeks pop off, balanced out with a dark black mouth. Lost inside a sea of silks she wears a reds lips against a raspberry corset.

Standing in stoic stillness she lets the sun fall over her skin. Thomas takes us to another place where what see is an evolution of the face. Graphics evolve as lines take shape. The end result is what looks like light radiating from the lids as a glow emanates out of her closed eyes. Strikes of color are cast over her skin reflecting a crazy combination of couture. While the music of makeup plays on, we are struck below by black, shiny lips. Pink passes over her top lid, while orange comes in a little deeper, sweeping right up to the lower line. Tones of deep amber dust up over the brow, as a similar hue surrounds the orbital area. Cyndia Harvey creates hair that so compliments the story it’s hard to tell where couture ends and coiffure begins. Melting into her chair she drifts off to sleep… in a deep state of slumber she dares but to dream.

A parade of flowing fashion hits the page projecting a sense of empowerment, from a netted overlay to a dress embellished with accordion like strips. Carefree design adheres to their own rules, with fabrics that fall in a unique format. Proving that fashions don’t wear the girl, the woman wears the fashion. A symphony of style plays out as power emanates from each piece. The body is shown against a sun filled backdrop, as billowing silks bustle below. Her dress opens to her waist exposing her back, while we see her legs highlighted through fabric below. Ruffles explode over her shoulder as red and pink commingle in creativity. Riam sneaks a peak at the pink under Adut’s trussle, leaving layers of netted overlay to expose the under show. Julia Sarr-Jamois finds the fire of the female spirit, sharing with it the notion of strength. In a vivid overlay of existence there lives a kind of truth. Where what we see is a measure of creative momentum. Uniqueness is experienced through artful independence.

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