Jamilla Hoogenboom by Carlijn Jacobs for Wonderland Magazine SS 2017

Jamilla Hoogenboom settles behind blue light of 70’s inspired styles by Carlijn Jacobs for Wonderland, SS 2017. Beauty beckons from behind the wall of time, reaching beyond from where I hope to find. Calling forth I dare not say for truth is comes in colorful ways. Nostalgic imagery conjures up a rich mix of retrospective memories. Fusing the past and future we get the best of both. A realm beyond… this leads us to another world. Standing on the edge of tomorrow we can see a pathway to home. Forward fashions speak to another time as Jamilla oozes with rich decadence. 70’s inspired styles celebrate the era with a black, silk dress dripping in glitter. Gold accessories emanate excess, as one extra, long earring flows down her chest. Imruh Asha invites a kind of retro vibe while still allowing us to see far ahead. The music of makeup plays on as beauty is captured like a melodic song. Behind a deep, blue shadow we see her face shine through. Mimicking paint on a palate, so are the tones that touch her skin. Chiao Li brings bones to life, as a midnight shade encircles the lids and exotic orange takes over the mouth. Her supple skin sings with a powdered hue giving features an otherworldly glow.

The lore of lunacy leaps about luring me in and knocking me out… for where upon this day it came to sweep me up and take me away… it was here on this hill of heresy that I’ve come to know my truth… as I circle through the cinema of sanctimony the doctrine of controversy erupts, catapulting me forth. Wading in the ecstasy of avant-garde artistry ~ synergy is exposed.     poetic prose – tanyajo

Jamilla-Hoogenboom-by-Carlijn-Jacobs-for-Wonderland-SS-2017-4-760x981Jamilla-Hoogenboom-by-Carlijn-Jacobs-for-Wonderland-SS-2017-1-760x980 (1)Jamilla-Hoogenboom-by-Carlijn-Jacobs-for-Wonderland-SS-2017-6-760x981Jamilla-Hoogenboom-by-Carlijn-Jacobs-for-Wonderland-SS-2017-3-760x981Jamilla-Hoogenboom-by-Carlijn-Jacobs-for-Wonderland-SS-2017-5Jamilla-Hoogenboom-by-Carlijn-Jacobs-for-Wonderland-SS-2017-2-760x981