Julia Banas in “Glowing in the purple rain” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Italia, May 2017

Julia Banas brings forward a new brand of beauty in “Glowing in the purple rain” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Italia Beauty, 05/17. This may appear upon first glance like we’ve stumbled over a cash of new colors. That alone would be an exciting find. However, what we have are distinct tones used in new and exciting ways. That’s to say, while these aren’t exactly colors from another galaxy, they do appear like art unleashed from a different world. The pristine freshness of these combinations don’t just make us feel up-to-date, they send us into a dreamy dimension. Celia Azoulay finds fashions that back up the beauty, as she elevates the layers from a stunning pink to a see-thru, silk overlay. Creativity captures our imagination with scintillating tones that beckon us forth.

Violette ventures into a new state of play with shades that speak to her stunning namesake. Like a proud peacock preening, we watch as Julia bats her beautiful eyes. Colors lead a revolt as we witness her Lucite like lids ignite. The vibrant shine mixes with the tenacity of the tone, making for a moment of real magic. We’ve heard that the power of pink pops, but, here we are met with an intoxicating interlude. Borne of a Rose that’s made to blush formed into fuchsia with cheeks that dare flush. What we have are bold color blocks that blend into a precocious shade of pink. Bright and cocky this sassy shade is ahead of it’s time. Hassett happens upon these elements giving us a conceptual notion of nature evolving. Shakin’ things up, it’s not just change that’s upon us, it’s the artistry of application that compels us. Spreading her wings we see the colors arise from inside, like a bird flying high to the sky. The idea is to create a neo-natural state, by allowing an abstract version of blending to occur. New shadows crash into bleached-out brows, giving the illusion that they are not really there. Like paint on a palate so are the shades of the face. Colors captivate as they stimulate and arouse as they sedate.

Contemporary cosmetics ride the cutting-edge of modernity, by simply submitting to change. We are looking to uncover a more forward vision of the future face. Art and beauty collide in this compelling picture of tomorrow, today. Evocative looks come with an alternative edge. These color combinations offer something utterly unique, in that they capture both the clean and extreme. Beauty begs to be noticed yet aims to blend in. By mastering makeup that evokes a real theatrical presence, Violette manages to mix complex layering with a simple edge. A captivating combination that plays along with the syncopated rhythms of couture. The art of extreme is caught in a dream as all things go hazy in the spaces between. Vi Sapyyapy celebrates the spirit of change with wild and unruly hair that has been tamed into braided strands. Banas brings showstopping lips that will leave you wanting more, as sumptuous sangria glistens with a glossy top. Unfettered and free, the spirit of triumph arises as this celebrates the cinema of cosmetic colors.

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