Mathilde Brandi by Daniel Clavero for Vogue Ukraine September 2017

Mathilde Brandi moves like a jungle cat by Daniel Clavero for Vogue Ukraine, September 2017. This is a story about a girl caught up in the intrigue of ecstasy. Besot & bejeweled this bandit of beauty plays like a modern cat-burglar, sleek & slender she echoes the fluid movements of the jungle cat. Watching a jaguar slowly stalking over the jungle floor we await the beast to explode into action. Rachel Gilman has some fun with fashion adornments by looking through this prism of frippery. Unique accessories celebrate some of this season’s most inspired pieces. Dripping in decadence, Brandi opens herself to the power of GOLD. The arrangement of each piece lays out in poetic harmony, captured in the artful nature of these stunning gemstones. Pictures mimic the majestic form of this beautiful beast, projected in her power and grace. A bouquet of floral head-pin is done in all diamonds, flowing up the front like flowers blooming over the cap. Playing off the same tone, a choker takes on a circular design theme, topped with wavy lines that dangle down. Evocative, Provocative, powerful and real – Clavero makes each image feel independent yet connected. Blues hues makes the watches stand out, poised halfway up the arm, like an elbow wearing timepiece. The hypnotic gold gives the jewelry a gilded edge, with a choker that lays around her neck like a collar of creativity. An aurelian, white metal makes it’s way to the dark fabrics, as a shiny, sapphire spider crawls up her index finger in perfect form.

Artfully exposed, she stands in all her glory as her limbs are outlined by a suit that stretches the length of her body and beyond. Standing out while blending in, this bandit of beauty knows how to hide while begging to be seen. The long, lean lines of her leotard hug every inch of skin, as a hoodie hides her hair, giving us the illusion that she’s bald. Slithering through each shot, Mathilde has the stealth moves of a jungle cat. Alive with a kind of neo-kinetic vibe as her limbs stretch out to portray a praying mantis (of sorts). This lycra contraption is done in the form of full body couture, with her fingers & toes gloved and covered. Gilman may have been cheated on fashion proper, but here we have an exquisite array of coiffured couture. A netted overlay falls in front of the face while a fanned cap spans the entire head top. One might think layers of darkness would cause concept confinement, but instead, we’re induced by a kind of tactile explosion. Left with a lean, mean fighting machine. The body suit hugs every inch of skin, with unforgiving material that exposes our deepest secrets. Decked in decadence… dripping in the divine… this story celebrates the beauty of standing out while not being seen.

The splendor of her skin is seen in the strength of her face. Exposing a sense of spirit, the lids are left naked while thick, brown brows take center stage. Graphic lines are built from beauty, drawn in detail with liquid liner. This application is one that’s done with precision, as Carolina Dali defines the lines of distinction. A classic cat-eye is taken a step further, with an upper wing created to match the natural extension. Through the twists and turns of tenacity we witness the spectacle of sheer sensation. Like paint that’s hitting a palate, so is shadow striking the skin. Her ninja like moves are reflected in chaotic color placement as quick flashes of red mark the lid spots. Intensity is exposed in the sharp cuts of her square jawline, while powder defines the strong lines of her face. Her palate possess a softness that’s seen in her inner glow of gorgeous. Covered in white her features light up the page. Ravenous red lips inspire a sense of spirit rising, while fueling a feeling of fire. Conversely, the deep burgundy boasts a strong yet subtle tone. Dali redefines what it means to be free in this delicious editorial that screams cat-burglar chic. Brandi becomes one with her environment as she lets the dark mood settle in. Hark! I hear ye coming from another place… given unto one the honor of grace… I sit here and wonder upon to which I lay… those precious pieces of bejeweled artistry that sit at my feet.   poetic prose – tanyajo

Mathilde-Brok-Brandi-by-Daniel-Clavero-for-Vogue-Ukraine-September-2017-0-760x506Mathilde-Brok-Brandi-by-Daniel-Clavero-for-Vogue-Ukraine-September-2017-1-760x990Mathilde-Brok-Brandi-by-Daniel-Clavero-for-Vogue-Ukraine-September-2017-2-760x990 (1) Mathilde-Brok-Brandi-by-Daniel-Clavero-for-Vogue-Ukraine-September-2017-3-760x990 Mathilde-Brok-Brandi-by-Daniel-Clavero-for-Vogue-Ukraine-September-2017-4-760x990 (1) Mathilde-Brok-Brandi-by-Daniel-Clavero-for-Vogue-Ukraine-September-2017-5-760x990 Mathilde-Brok-Brandi-by-Daniel-Clavero-for-Vogue-Ukraine-September-2017-6-760x990 Mathilde-Brok-Brandi-by-Daniel-Clavero-for-Vogue-Ukraine-September-2017-7-760x990