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Duckie Thot brims with intensity in “Beautiful People” by Paola Kudacki for Paper Magazine, AW 2017. There is some beauty that just sits and waits for display, while others explode in a show-stopping way. It’s in the subtle shifts of time/place that we come to view this phenomenon. Duckie, a sweet nickname she was adorned with at the age of six. Her otherworldly beauty begs to be attached to a Doll figure, hence her nickname, Black Barbie. Something I’m not truly comfortable with, however, I’ve read she has taken to this celebrity nomenclature with ease. Superstar Status and VIP treatment is calling her name, as this Somalian born beauty from Australia is here to expose her truth.

Jason Rembert tells a tale of forward fashion by bringing forth a mix of dynamic designs. The mark of pageantry is artfully made, cradling in the arms of high couture. Each picture possesses passion while it emotes a sense of pageantry. Aqua fur captures the cover shot, as a red, brocade suit stands as a bright surprise. Geometric patterns create a caped delight, as leather leads to a see-thru shirt in white. Her haute hat takes center stage, with a teetering, chandelier tiara precariously placed atop her head. Through the abstract lens of avant-garde artistry we see lines of distinction begin to emerge. From leather to lace and all point in-between, passion and peace meet in the middle.

Every inch of her coco-butter skin is exquisite, as Ralph Siciliano embraces the entirety of her body. Her beauty has been described as a warm, mocha chocolate that’s impossibly even-toned. Shining bright like it’s lit from within, her complexion is both captivating and cohesive. Deep, brown eyes are wide and clear with a hint of mystery and grace, as silky skin flows in kind from the toes to the front of her face. Her angled features create a doll-like look, with a tall forehead that gives off an alien illusion. Finished with a button nose that sits over impossibly luscious lips. A compilation unlike I’ve ever seen, with positioning that portends to something significant. The entire look is stunning. Her heart shaped pout is pursed in permanent form, as if to announce this is just the beginning.

Lacy Redway takes quite a leap as she experiments with Duckie’s natural hair. Don’t get me wrong, she works the stick, straight look with stunning aplomb. However, here we get to explored both sides. Going from a fabulous, long weave to a short, sophisticated style leaves quite an impression. Posing as a modern day, Lady Godiva, Thot is an exquisite example the, Female Goddess Divine. While the weave made her introduction, natural is making it’s stride. I see many young models on the cusp of stardom dying to fly… while some are ready to soar, others need time for their feet to touch the floor.

Art is met with the majesty of motion, keeping the mystery is alive with a kind of neo kinetic vibe. This is a girl that’s o.k taking a stand-offish approach. No offense meant, what I intend to purport is that her coy attitude invites a hint of mystery. Today’s model is all about the drama of delivery… how they step up can determine how they are received. It’s a far cry from back in the day. Where, believe it or not, a girl just had to rock the s*** outta the pic, and that usually secured her spot in the industry. Now there’s a bit more maneuvering that takes place. But, either way, this girl is set to play.

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