Miriam Haney in “Counter Praxis” by Mark Lim for NicOtiNe Magazine Fall 2017

Miriam Haney is working in opposition in “Counter Praxis” by Mark Lim for NicOtiNe Magazine, F17. Meeting resistance head on, this compelling story settles into the art of opposition. Acting in antipathy embraces a counter-intuitive nature, allowing you to jump when your instinct is to stand still. Ingenuity evokes a sense of spirit ~ telling us we can fly when already floating in the center of the sky. Lim lets us experience this editorial from the inside/out. Both exquisite and agonizing each image allows us to imagine ourselves fighting to be free.

Allie Smith embraces physical emotion by using Miriam’s body as a being of expression. Calling forth unto the sky her hand lights up as it reaches on high… paint spreads like dirt over crystallized eyes as arms turn to purple as she waves good bye. Blue beats down upon her face as all life’s pain must be erased. The shades veer from indigo to black, leaving a violet tint to make the attack. This is a story that captures the pain of change. We aren’t witness to scars being made, but we can see the impressions they leave in vain. The invisible agony is represented by the lines of anguish imprinted in the skin. That which binds us will never break us. Bound by tight wires… truth is captured in the agony of constraint, yet what we fear most is the torture of release. Battle scars left behind signify her fight to survive, poetically passing from a bruise to a blood, soaked eye-socket. Silver covers her skin like so much sadness she has to shed. Finally the locks come down, as Lizzie Arneson uses her blonde hair as a bridge to freedom. To a house where hope was gone she sits in the sun like a brand new fawn.

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