Adwoa Aboah by Steven Meisel for Vogue UK, December 2017

Adwoa Aboah embraces the beauty of being by Steven Meisel for Vogue UK, December 2017. This story honors the idea that you have to look back to see ahead. Meisel mixes a taste of the 20’s with a hint of the 40’s, blending it with a large dose of the 70’s. All fusing to form a picture of pure poetry. In Aboah’s interview with Edward Enninful we hear, in her own words, what it has meant to create Gurls Talk. She spoke about how it began as an Instagram account in 2015, and has since blossomed into a place of safety for girls around the world. “These Are My Girls, They Are My Tribe,” a comment that is the driving force of this explosive movement. Her goal is to destroy the destructive forces that impede the mental health, body image and sexuality of girls everywhere. Gurls Talk is a foundation by which Female Empowerment can stand strong.

Edward Enninful gives us a flavor of vintage elite, with eclectic styles that take us forward while pulling us back. His masterful hand, in the sourcing and selection of fine fabric collections, is what makes this story so compelling. These designs direct us to the future of high fashion, while keeping an eye on the history of haute couture. This isn’t merely a picture of what is now and what was then, it’s a combined collective of creative aspiration. So as we peruse each page we can take pleasure in the fact, that with every gesture we can make a difference. By honoring those powerful women that came before us, we have access to their residual energy. Each image is a projection of inner power. The freedom that lives within our own bodies, is like none other to be found. Each ensemble fuels the fire that burns in every woman’s soul. Those who support Gurls Talk, give women around the world the opportunity to be both socially conscious and artistically inclined.

Pat McGrath has delivered one of the most exciting cosmetic captures this season. Here we have a woman, so striking in her natural beauty, it’s hard to imagine what would enhance but not invade. Not an easy accomplishment. However, with the talent of McGrath leading the way we can’t go wrong. A bold combination of B/W and color captivate the senses, lending elements of exotica that mystify the scene. What I admired about this cosmetic collection is her choice to keep the application consistent. Using a peacock blue that slides around the eyes while the lashes are left naked, enhances the raw beauty of her bleached out brows. The architectural structure of her face mixes with the softness of a freckled complexion. Silky, smooth skin gives a stunning display from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Various lip shades scintillate, starting with a naked base and moving to a vibrant orange hue. Metallic materials are mixed with feathers and lace, as sequins reflect the spirit of her face. She sits exquisitely, with her head held in her hand as a deep-berry blend melts over her mouth.

Guido Palau turns things up with turbans wrapped in a variety of creative ways. Dynamic scarfs signal a sense of spirit, as silken materials spin their way around her head. A gorgeous, floral pin adorns the wraps, while each amalgamation adds to the dimension of the design. Adwoa appears dramatic in a crown of glory that grabs the attention. Donning a feathered headdress that falls down her back, while matching boots crawl up her legs. From Here to There and Way Beyond… This is a Tale of Truth that has Taken Way Too Long. Girls are Spirits Born to Be… Woman Who Soar Fearsome and Free. One is the Other and the Other is One… Forever We’ll Be ~ Forever We are One